Alexandria Assault and Battery Attorneys

Our Alexandria assault and battery attorneys at May Law, LLP have the experience and expertise to effectively navigate the statutes and effectively and thoroughly represent you and ensure you receive the best outcome to your case.

For two decades, our attorneys have built an excellent reputation within the Alexandria legal community and among Alexandria law firms. Each member of May Law, LLP understands how difficult and stressful any legal situation can be personally and for your family. Our attorneys are dedicated to making any run in with the Alexandria legal system as stress free as possible.  We try to combine an aggressive legal counsel with a sympathetic approach to your case to ensure you are completely comfortable with every aspect of your case.

The Alexandria assault and battery lawyers at May Law, LLP are here to help you when facing assault and/or battery charges. We are not only seasoned trial lawyers, but we also have the experience and creativity to effectively navigate the courts and statues of Virginia to strive for a positive outcome to your case. Call us at (703) 312-0410 to schedule a consultation with one of our assault and battery lawyers.