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At May Law, LLP we have over a decade and a half of experience defending cases in the Arlington General District and Circuit Courts.

What is “Assault and Battery” under Virginia law and how is it punished?  Click here for the answer.

An “assault” is an overt act intended to do bodily harm to another together with the present ability to cause such harm.  It is also an overt act intended to place a person in fear or apprehension of bodily harm that creates in him a reasonable fear or apprehension.

A “battery” is the willful touching of another, without legal excuse or justification, done in an angry, rude, insulting, or vengeful manner.

The more violent the assault and battery, the worse the potential punishment.  At some point, an assault can be “murder,” punishable by death or “malicious wounding,” punishable by up to 20 years in prison or 5 years in prison, depending upon the severity  At a minimum, Assault and Battery is a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by a jail sentence of up to 12 months and a fine of up to $2,500.00

In addition, there is a special class of cases involving family members — Assault and Battery Against a Family or Household Member — which could affect one’s civil rights in ways much different than ordinary Assault and Battery.  Also, there are special punishments that apply depending on the identity of the alleged victim.  For example, if one is convicted of Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, the punishment includes a mandatory minimum prison sentence of at least 6 months.

As one can imagine, assault and battery charges are some of the most difficult to navigate through the legal system. The statues are vague, confusing, and open to liberal interpretation. These are very “fact specific” cases.  That is why, if you are charged with assault and battery, your first and most important priority should be to contact an Arlington assault defense attorney, such as one from May Law.

In what ways are “Assault and Battery” cases unique in the Arlington courts?  Click here for the answer.

Like all Virginia courts, Arlington follows Virginia law and criminal procedure.

The prosecutor’s office, led by Theo Stamos,  is very organized and the prosecutors are talented, professional, and prepared.  Compared to other nearby jurisdictions, plea offers in Arlington are generally less favorable to defendants and, as a result, more cases need to go to trial. Prosecutors in this county are not afraid of their cases, however.  They are one of the few offices that provides “open file” discovery to criminal defense attorneys.  This gives defendants considerable more information about the prosecution’s case than would be otherwise permitted under Virginia law.

Our Circuit Court judges are William T. Newman, Jr., Daniel S. Fiore, II, and Louise DiMatteo.  Prior to joining the bench, Judges Newman and DiMatteo had extensive criminal defense experience.  Judge Fiore was a leading commercial litigator.  Our General District Court judges are Thomas J. Kelley, Jr., Richard J. McCue, and Karen Henenberg.  Judges Kelley and McCue had prior experience as criminal defense attorneys; Judge Henenberg was a former prosecutor.  We have experience with each one.  It is a good, fair bench.  Our firm has experience with each one.  Our Juvenile and Domestic Relations judges are George D. Varoutsos and Esther Wiggins Lyles. Judge Varoutsos had a prior criminal defense practice; Judge Wiggins Lyles is a former prosecutor.

For almost two decades, our attorneys have built an excellent reputation within the legal community. Each member of May Law, LLP understands how difficult and stressful any legal situation can be personally and for your family. Our attorneys are dedicated to making any “run in” with the Arlington legal system as agreeable as possible.  We try to combine our aggressive legal counsel with a calm, sympathetic approach so that you will be completely comfortable with your case.

The Arlington assault attorneys at May Law, L.L.P. are here to help you when facing assault and/or battery charges. We are not only seasoned trial lawyers, but we also have the experience and creativity to effectively navigate the courts and statues of Virginia to strive for a positive outcome to your case. Call us at (703) 312-0410 to schedule a consultation with one of our assault and battery lawyers.