Arlington Divorce Attorneys

Whether your marital troubles are welcomed or not, and whether your spouse is acting adversarially to you or collaboratively, the divorce lawyers at May Law, L.L.P. can help with this important life transition.  Led by Michael May, called one of Virginia’s “Legal Elite” in the area of Family Law by Virginia Business magazine, we can assist with your separation, divorce, property settlement, child custody, child visitation, and spousal support (alimony) in a confident, competent manner.  We have been practicing in Arlington’s Circuit and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts for almost 20 years.

The Arlington Courthouse

Our office is located directly across the street from the Court in Courthouse Plaza.  Many of our 13 attorneys live here.  We know Arlington well.

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Like all Virginia courts, Arlington follows Virginia law and procedure.

Our Circuit Court is modern and professional.  Our judges are William T. Newman, Jr., Daniel S. Fiore, II, and Louise DiMatteo.  Prior to joining the bench, Judge Newman had a general litigation practice.  He is now our most senior judge and is very fair-minded.  Judge DiMatteo had extensive criminal defense experience as a Public Defender before gaining extensive civil litigation experience as a County Attorney prior to joining the bench in 2012.  Judge Fiore was a leading commercial litigator prior to joining the bench in 2012. We have experience with each one.  It is a good, fair bench.  Our Juvenile and Domestic Relations judges are George D. Varoutsos and Esther Wiggins Lyles. Judge Varoutsos had a prior criminal defense practice; Judge Wiggins Lyles is a former prosecutor.  Both are now long-time serving judges.

Even though Arlington is a major urban county, within eyeshot of Washington, D.C., the courthouse is run like a small town in many ways.  There is more flexibility in getting matters before a judge for a decision than in the more rigid Fairfax Circuit Court.  Also, with fewer judges, it is easier to predict outcomes than in a court with a dozen different judges each with different predilections.

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