On January 6, three May Law attorneys appeared in the Fairfax Courts.  We had a bond motion appeal in the Fairfax Circuit Court, traffic cases in the Fairfax General District Court, and a divorce trial in the Fairfax Circuit Court. The bond motion was an appeal from the General District Court which had denied our motion yesterday, ordering our client held in jail without bond on charges of Attempted Rape, Aggravated Sexual Battery, and Animate
An May Law attorney was in the Fairfax General District Court on January 5 on a bond motion for a young man charged with Attempted Rape, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Animate Object Sexual Penetration.  The standard for release on bond (bail) is whether one is a risk of flight or if one is a danger the community.  For many felonies, there is a presumption that one charged should never be released on bond. Unfortunately, Judge
Question:  I was charged with theft. Is this my second offense?  I’ve been charged with theft and have a preliminary hearing next month. I also had a theft charge last year, but had it reduced to trespassing w/ guilty plea. Will this be viewed as my first or second theft offense? Answer: If one’s prior larceny charge is dismissed or amended to a different crime, a subsequent larceny charge can only be charged as a
Question:  A friend shoplifted from Walmart in Alexandria Va (Fairfax Va court district) & is desperate to beat the charge, can she do it?This is her first offense & she is extremely remorseful & desperate to not catch a conviction.  What are her chances of beating the case/getting a dismissal? She is a college student with great GPA & many accomplished accolades. Answer: A person charged with larceny may have a defense. Many defenses are
Question:  Is my non-compete/non-solicitation agreement enforceable in the state of Virginia? I was employed (w2) by an IT staffing firm for 6 months to work as a contractor for their client. I then started my own business, doing IT consulting. Client reached out to my company to buy my services. The former employer contacts me stating that I have a non-compete, and in order to work for client, I have to work through them as a

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