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If I was arrested for a crime, should I speak to the police?

A criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA trusts from May Law, L.L.P. may suggest for you to not talk to the police if you were charged with a criminal offense. If the police ask to speak to you about your case, it may be in your best interest to speak to your lawyer first. If you agree to talk to the police without your lawyer, the following situations may occur:

The police don’t have the power to make deals

A criminal defense attorney in Fairfax VA has seen one too many clients talk to the police because they thought it might help them get leniency. The truth is that the police do not have authority to cut deals with individuals accused of crimes. Therefore, talking to them might not help you get a lesser charge. Only prosecuting attorneys have the power to make deals with defendants.

You may inadvertently tell a white lie

Even if you are innocent, you may still tell a white lie when talking to the police. Speaking to the police might make you nervous and cause you to exaggerate your innocence. For example, let’s say you are a suspect in a murder case: You are completely innocent and decide to talk to the police. During the interrogation, the police ask you if you own a gun. You say no, but you actually do. Telling a white lie can kill your credibility and make you seem guilty later on. A criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA respects may be able to field some of these questions and help you avoid accidentally saying something you’ll later regret.

You give up your bargaining your power

If you are guilty with the crime you have been charged with, you might think the only thing you have left to do is confess to the police. A criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA relies on has likely witnessed other defendants who make this mistake. Even if you did commit a crime, there could be factors that may justify a lesser charge. For example, if you were arrested for drunk driving but the police officer was not properly trained in administering breathalyzers, you may be able to get your charge reduced.

The police my not recall your statement accurately

If you are innocent of a crime and don’t tell any white lies, the police still might not recall your statement with complete accuracy. A criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA counts on has dealt with many defendants who experienced this issue when talking with the police. If the police do not recall your statement accurately in court, it may become your word versus theirs. It’s possible that the jury may believe the police over you.

Working with an experienced Fairfax criminal defense attorney may help you avoid these issues with the police. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA residents trust, contact May Law, L.L.P. at (703) 455-0046.