Criminal Defense Lawyer Arlington, VA

Criminal Defense Lawyer Arlington, VAWhen you are charged with a crime, you may feel at a loss at what to do, as experienced criminal defense lawyers understand. As a trusted criminal defense lawyer in Arlington, VA can explain, like one from May Law, LLP, having a solid defense can significantly affect the consequences that can affect your case. Many people who are charged with a crime fail to explore their legal options in depth. Don’t make this mistake. There are legal resources that you can take advantage of to strengthen your chances of obtaining a positive outcome so that you can avoid suffering the worst consequences. 

Why should I hire a criminal defense lawyer?

It is risky to represent yourself when you are facing a serious criminal charge, such as a felony. There is a lot at stake if you have no lawyer to guide you and counsel you. You may face severe consequences, such as lengthy jail time and large fines. Having a lawyer offers benefits such as legal guidance, a stronger defense, and a higher likelihood of reducing the severity of your penalties should you be convicted. 

What charges can a lawyer help me with? 

A criminal defense lawyer can defend you if you are charged with a crime. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor, felony or other type of charge, they can offer their support. Charges often brought against defendants include DUI, theft, fraud, firearm possession, drug possession, and assault and battery. A lawyer will analyze the facts of your case and develop an argument that will yield the best results. They will find out which strategies will best serve your case. 

Is it possible to have my charges dropped?

A competent lawyer may even be able to present a strong enough defense and have your charges reduced or dropped. Depending on the nature of your charge, you may have your charges dismissed. Factors such as mishandled evidence, lack of evidence, and questions regarding a defendant’s mental state can result in a dropped charge. 

What penalties can I potentially face? 

The penalties vary depending on what you are charged with. A felony will carry higher penalties than an infraction or misdemeanor.  A charge of felony assault will typically carry harsher consequences than a first offense drug possession charge. However, even a misdemeanor may result in harsh penalties, such as fines and prison time. For example, a DUI charged as a misdemeanor can result in a $1000 fine and several years of probation. For more in-depth information about the types of penalties you could be facing, talk to a lawyer and they will give you a breakdown.

Criminal charges, no matter what charge it may be, should always be taken seriously and immediately addressed. You can face costly fines or even years in jail. Even if you think you don’t need a lawyer like one from May Law, LLP to help you, you should speak with one anyway so that you understand what you are dealing with. Don’t wait to discuss your legal options. Schedule a consultation with a trusted criminal defense lawyer in the Arlington, VA area. 

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