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Criminal Defense Lawyers Arlington VAAt May Law, LLP, our criminal defense lawyers in Arlington VA have successfully defended members of the community who were accused of crimes they did not commit. While someone who has been charged with a crime may have access to a public defender, the quality of representation they receive may be questionable. May Law, LLP have been aggressively litigating criminal defense cases for years, as experienced Arlington VA criminal defense lawyers, we are proud of our track record in protecting the rights of individuals. Homicide is a serious charge, and a conviction will surely result in a long prison sentence as well as costly fines. Even after the prisoner is released, their criminal history will follow them throughout life. Even if they did not actually commit the crime, they will be treated as if they had taken someone’s life. Our criminal defense lawyer that Arlington VA residents rely on will make every effort to protect your rights and work toward a positive outcome.

Defense Pleas

After our criminal defense lawyer in Arlington VA reviews the circumstances of your case, we will make an informed recommendation about how you should plea in your response to a homicide criminal charge. Because every case is different, it’s important to discuss your case with our criminal defense lawyer from Arlington VA as soon as possible in order to begin building your defense case. Depending on your circumstances,  our Arlington VA criminal defense lawyers at May Law, LLP  may determine that one of the following is the best legal defense strategy:

  1. A plea of self-defense. If you were forced to kill someone because you felt in fear of your life due to their actions or words, your criminal defense lawyer from Arlington VA may enter a plea of self-defense on your behalf. Your defense strategy will include proof that you had no choice to kill the other person and that it was not murder or premeditated murder.
  2. A plea of mental incapacity or insanity. If you suffered from a mental health condition that caused you to kill someone, but not with forethought, your Arlington VA criminal defense lawyer may enter a plea of mental incapacity or insanity on your behalf. In defense of your case, May Law, LLP may call upon the testimony of a respected mental health practitioner to provide information in a deposition, and in court, if your case goes to trial.
  3. A plea of accidental homicide. If you were engaged in a physical altercation with the individual but did not intend to kill them, your trusted Arlington VA criminal defense lawyer may enter a plea of accidental homicide on your behalf. If convicted of accidental homicide, you may be found guilty of a crime that is lesser than murder or premeditated murder.
  4. A plea of intoxication. If you were inebriated to such an extent that you killed the other person but had not planned to do so, you may be found guilty of a charge lesser than homicide such as second-degree manslaughter. Our Arlington VA criminal defense lawyer will advise you of the likely consequences upon a conviction of manslaughter or other charges against you.

To learn more about how our criminal defense lawyer from Arlington VA can protect your rights, contact us at May Law, LLP to schedule a consultation by phone or in person.

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