District of Columbia Assault Attorneys

Most people are not aware how vague statutes governing assault and battery are in the District of Columbia. This vagueness makes it very easy to be charged with a potentially life altering crime. The leeway prosecutors and law enforcement have in prosecuting and investigating these cases can lead to your rights being eroded and stiff penalties that may not be appropriate. Protect yourself by retaining one of our qualified DC assault attorneys. The attorneys at May Law, LLP have the experience and dedication to protect you and your rights during a stress filled time in your life. The law firm and lawyer you choose can, many times, mean the difference between long term consequences and a positive outcome to your case. Let the attorneys at May Law, LLP fight for you.

Our firm has served the citizens of the District of Columbia for twenty years. We have become respected member of the community and appreciate everything that Washington, D.C. has had to offer us and our families. Our firm stresses not only representing the citizens in the communities we serve but also being active contributing members ourselves. We believe that service to the community, for our firm, extends outside the courtroom. This gives us a unique and specialized position to better serve our clients in D.C.

An assault charge can have life altering consequences if not dealt with properly. It is incredibly important, if facing an assault allegation, that you retain a DC assault lawyer. Our lawyers at May Law, LLP are here to provide you with the personalized, specialized representation that has consistently brought our clients positive results. We promise you that we will work with tireless dedication when helping you through this trying time in your life. Call one of our expert attorneys at (703) 312-0410 to schedule a consultation.