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washington dc dui police checkpointDWI and DUI charges are incredibly difficult to navigate on your own. If facing a drunk driving charge the best thing you can do for yourself is hire one of our good DC DWI and DUI attorneys. The attorneys at May Law, LLP have the experience and dedication to effectively fight for you and ensure that you are protected against vague and easily misinterpreted laws. We will provide you with the top legal defense in Washington, D.C.

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For twenty years, the firm of May Law, LLP have tirelessly and successfully defended the people of the District of Columbia and Virginia. During this time, we have been awarded some of the highest accolades from our peers in the legal profession. While awards and praise from our peers is a tremendous honor, our real pride comes from our countless satisfied clients that we have successfully represented for two decades.

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If you have been charged with DWI or DUI, do not hesitate to retain one of our quality DC DWI and DUI attorneys.  The proper defense could mean the difference between incarceration and your freedom. The legal experts at May Law, LLP, have the experience and know how to provide you with the highest quality legal advice and representation in all of DC. If you want the highest quality legal counsel in Washington, call our office at (703) 312-0410 to schedule a consultation with one of our top lawyers.