Divorce Lawyer Fairfax VA

Divorce Lawyer Fairfax VA

Divorce Lawyer Fairfax VA- woman and man sitting back to back Divorce is a tough subject and no one knows more about it than a divorce lawyer in Fairfax VA. At May Law LLC we know that filing for divorce is a tough topic and there are many questions that you may have. If you are considering filing for divorce then it is critical that you understand some of your options before moving forward. Not all divorces are created equal and you may have different needs than someone else.  

What is a No-Fault Divorce? 

There used to be a time that the law required at least one spouse to place blame on the other in order to file a divorce. However, times have changed and now you can get a no-fault divorce in all 50 states after living apart uninterrupted for at least 12 months.  A no-fault divorces are when the filing spouse requests a divorce without specific blame. You aren’t required to provide proof your marriage is beyond repair and you don’t have to explain what went wrong. 

What is the Difference Between Divorce Litigation and Divorce Mediation? 

Litigation is the more traditional method o the two. This involves filing a lawsuit against your spouse and having a separate lawyer represent each of your cases in front of a judge. This is often the method people go with when the divorce is more complicated, like when there is hostility or even just custody issues.  Medication means a third-party attorney sits with you and your spouse to help you craft an agreement for ending your marriage. Often this is faster, less expensive, and less emotionally draining. However, it is only an option if your divorce isn’t complicated and neither party is hostile towards the other.  

How Do You File For Divorce? 

You must file a document known as a complaint with the Virginia Circuit Court in the city or county where you reside and pay the filing fee. Here is what you need to know in order to fill out this document: 
  • The date and location of your wedding (it does not have to be in Virginia) 
  • You and your spouse’s current living situation 
  • Your and your spouse’s military status 
  • Proof of a minimum of six months residency in the state
  • Grounds for filing a divorce 
  • Proof of satisfaction the separation period for no-fault divorces 
  • Ages and living arrangements of your child if you have them 
From there you have to arrange to have a sheriff or private process server deliver the complaint and a court summons to your spouse. This whole process can take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete from the start of filing to being granted a divorce if everything goes smoothly. It can take months more if the divorce is complicated.  Divorce is hard and even the simplest ones can be hard. No matter your reason for filing for divorce you can know that the team at May Law LLC understands what a divorce lawyer in Fairfax Virginia needs to know so you are in good hands. 
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