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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Fairfax, VAAny accusation of domestic violence can carry the risk of serious penalties, including prison time. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it may be in your best interest to turn to an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Fairfax, VA for further advice. A lawyer from May Law, LLP, is ready to hear your case and let you know what your options may be. 

When Allegations are False

It is certainly possible for a police report to be filed against you, and that alleges you committed an act of domestic violence. You may be arrested without a warrant, and only if there is probably cause to suggest assault and/or battery. If you have been arrested, felony charges could result, and if you are found guilty, you may be sentenced to jail or prison. You may also lose your job, your parental rights, and have a criminal record. Unfortunately, many of these cases lack evidence or proof of domestic violence. Sometimes the charges are based upon the statement made by the victim or a witness. If you believe the charges against you are false, you should consult a domestic violence lawyer Fairfax, VA has to offer. 

How a Lawyer Can Help You

By choosing to have a domestic violence lawyer in Fairfax, VA on your side, you can feel confident in knowing that we will do our best to protect your interests and your freedom by:

  • Identifying and collecting strong evidence 
  • Subpoenaing witnesses
  • Lifting protective orders
  • Questioning the accuser
  • Entering a plea deal

Protecting Victims

Victims of domestic violence may suffer significant emotional, mental, and physical abuse; however, anyone who witnesses this abuse may also suffer – especially children. At May Law, LLP, we not only help those who are not guilty of a crime preserve their freedom, but we also help victims and children. We are very knowledgeable in both criminal and family law; therefore, we can advocate for you and your family’s safety. If you need emergency protective orders, or otherwise help with domestic violence, please give us a call today.

A Private Domestic Violence Lawyer in Fairfax, VA Can Make a Difference to Your Case

Although you may have access to public legal resources, the level of personalized care and attention you will receive from a private Fairfax domestic violence lawyer cannot be ignored. 

In the event that you are facing charges for domestic violence, you should know that a conviction can result in:

  • A jail or prison sentence
  • Up to $100,000 in fines
  • Revocation of your parental rights

Asking for the Charges to Be Dropped

If you are the accuser of the domestic violence and would like the charges to be dropped, you might find this difficult to do. By law, a person can be arrested, charged, and prosecuted even if the victim does not wish this. Only the prosecutor can decide to drop the charges. 

If you have been charged with domestic violence, let a domestic violence lawyer in Fairfax, VA explore the circumstances of your case to determine a strategic plan of action that could result in a reduction or dismissal of your charges. 

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