DWI Lawyer Fairfax VA

DWI Lawyer Fairfax VA

DWI Lawyer Fairfax VA- man in handcuffs If you are facing DWI charges then it is going to be in your best interest to find a DWI lawyer in Fairfax VA. After all, if you are facing a DWI then this can be a life-altering experience and you want to e spared the consequences that come with it. This is why finding the right lawyer to represent you is going to give you the most options to avoid a conviction or lessen the charges against you.  Finding a lawyer isn’t an easy task though and you will have to put in some work. Sadly you can’t just depend on Google to find you a lawyer that is going to suit your needs right away. You have to do your homework. Keep reading to see what makes a DWI lawyer a good one. 

What Qualities Should a DWI Lawyer Have? 

There are certain qualities that every DWI lawyer should have to ensure that they are going to be the right fit for you. If you are hoping for getting your charges acquitted or even a lighter sentence then you need a lawyer that knows what they are doing. Here are the following qualities that every DWI lawyer should have: 

Extensive DWI Experenice 

Technically you could hire anyone with a license to practice law to defend you. However, you should hire a lawyer who specializes in DWI cases and has years of experience doing so. Think of it like this, you wouldn’t hire your general practitioner to perform heart surgery so why should you trust a general law lawyer to handle something specialized? You wouldn’t. DWI lawyers know the laws and you will stand a better chance of avoiding a DWI conviction if you hire someone with experience. 

A Good Track Record 

While you want someone with experience you also need someone who has a good record of winning their cases in court. You want someone who has proven they know what they are doing in court and has won their fair share of cases. 

Spotless Ethical Record 

While your DWI lawyer may be the best in the state you need to check if they have a history of malpractice or have been sanctioned by the State Bar. Judges don’t look too kindly on lawyers with spotty ethical records after all. Thankfully for you, the disciplinary records of lawyers are available to the public. You just have to visit the website for your State Bar. 

Excellent Communication Skills 

A lawyer, it doesn’t matter what kind, needs to have amazing communication skills. Their job is all about communication after all. If you have found yourself more confused than when you first met your lawyer then chances are they aren’t good communicators. You should be able to understand the information presented to you and know what is expected of you throughout the case.  These are just some of the qualities a good DWI Lawyer in Fairfax Virginia should have and if you have questions reach out to the team May Law LLP for answers. 
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