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Divorce is one of the toughest experiences a person can go through. You’re seeing your family break apart and wonder what the future holds. However, there are certain mistakes that could make the divorce process even worse. 

Here are a few common divorce mistakes that a family law lawyer in Arlington Virginia from May Law, LLP often sees.

Calling Your Spouse When You’re Angry

If you and your ex left things off on bad terms, it’s understandable that you’re angry. However, that doesn’t mean you should let your emotions get the best of you. If you call your ex when you’re angry, you could say something you regret and make the entire situation even worse. A family law lawyer in Arlington Virginia would advise you to wait until you’re calm to contact your ex.

Venting on Social Media

When you’re angry with your ex, it may be tempting to vent about it on social media. However, you should think twice before you post your ex’s dirty laundry on your Facebook page. They could be used against you in court later.

Talking Badly About Your Ex in Front of Your Children

No matter how upset you are with your ex, a family law lawyer in Arlington Virginia advises against talking poorly about him or her in front of your children. Like it or not, your ex is still your kids’ parent and they need him or her in their life. If your children hear you saying unflattering things about your ex, they may form the wrong opinion of him or her. You don’t want them to feel anymore uncomfortable than they already are.

Failing to Make Changes to Your Will

A common mistake a family lawyer Arlington VA residents trust has seen divorcing couples make is forgetting to make changes to their will. Just because you get divorced, doesn’t automatically mean that your ex loses rights to the assets in your will. Remember to make the necessary changes to your estate plan as soon as possible.

Settling Too Quickly

A divorce is stressful, so it’s understandable that you may want to settle it as soon as possible. However, you shouldn’t just take the first settlement that’s offered to you. It’s important to be patient and let your divorce lawyer negotiate a fair settlement.

Not Telling Your Divorce Lawyer the Truth

When you speak to your family law lawyer in Arlington Virginia, it’s important to be completely candid. Don’t neglect to tell your lawyer important information because you feel embarrassed. Your lawyer has heard it all and won’t pass judgment. If your lawyer doesn’t know everything, he or she won’t be able to help you to the best of his or her ability.

If you’re going to get divorced, you should schedule a consultation with a family law lawyer in Arlington Virginia today.

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