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Illegal Parking Ticket Law Firm Fairfax, VA Illegal Parking Ticket Lawyer Fairfax VA


Many Virginia drivers have experienced the aggravation of coming out to their car only to find a parking ticket stuck under the windshield wiper. There can be a number of reasons why the ticket was placed there, but it is not uncommon for the reason not to be a valid one or the driver could have some kind of defense to parking where they were. Most drivers will take the ticket and throw it in their glove compartment and pay the fine. What every driver should consider doing is contact an illegal parking ticket lawyer Fairfax VA drivers recommend to see if there is a way to fight the ticket.


Illegal Parking Tickets


When a person receives an illegal parking ticket, all the information for paying the fine should be on the ticket itself. The amount of the fine should be very clear, as well as what the violation was. There should also be information about where the fine should be paid. If you decided to fight the ticket, there should also be information as to when and where you appear or send a letter with your intention to appeal.


This information also includes the due date the fine needs to be paid by. If a driver fails to pay by the due date, the municipality that issued the ticket adds on additional late fees. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who will forget to pay the ticket by that due date and then find they are slammed with these expensive fees. In the majority of cases, there is no wiggle room for being late. As soon as that due date arrives, the town or state that issued the ticket tacks on the late fees. The more time that goes by, the more those late fees add up. A minor parking ticket can quickly escalate into an expensive one.


A traffic lawyer Fairfax VA clients trust can help you with your case and decide what is the best legal course of action to take.


If you do decide to fight the ticket, make sure to keep a record of anyone you spoke to or any documents you mailed. This will be your proof that you are appealing the ticket in order to avoid any of those late fees or penalties added on because you are not paying the fine by the due date.


Fighting the Ticket


There are many reasons why a person may decide to fight an illegal parking ticket. For example, if you got a ticket because the meter expired, but you paid the meter and there was still time left, you should fight the ticket. Taking a photo of the meter and/or saving your receipt if you paid at a parking meter kiosk will help prove your case.


Another reason a driver may want to fight an illegal parking ticket is that they have received a number of them in the past and they could be putting their driving record in jeopardy.


An attorney who has extensive experience in traffic violations can sometimes negotiate a deal where the ticket is set aside or the fines that are owed are significantly reduced. A traffic lawyer is also able to help with other types of violations, including moving violations that threaten your driving privileges and/or insurance premiums.


To learn more, contact May Law, LLP today to speak with a  Fairfax VA illegal parking ticket lawyer today.

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