Rockingham Assault Defense Attorney

The statues governing assault in Virginia do not require any physical contact between two parties in order for law enforcement to arrest and charge an individual with assault. All you may do is exhibit intention to cause bodily harm to another and that is enough to spend a night in jail and face substantial charges. If you find yourself in a compromised position, accused of assault or battery, your first and most pressing priority should be to retain a Rockingham assault defense attorney. Our expert legal minds, at May Law, LLP, have the intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of vague assault statues and have the trial experience to successfully advocate on your behalf.

What makes an assault charge so difficult and often convoluted is how open to interpretation it can be. Often each party involved including witnesses and law enforcement will see the aftermath and interpret how the events unfolded in their own way. Everyone may see how the events payed out through their own personal lens. It is our job as your defense attorney to weed out the conjecture and prejudicial interpretations, seek the facts of the case, and build a strong defense based on actual events.

Do not allow yourself to be railroaded by the legal system hire an experienced Rockingham assault defense lawyer and ensure that your rights are fully protected and represented while in custody and at trial. The lawyers here at, May Law, LLP, are here to stand up for you and fight tooth and nail to ensure your case is treated with the fairness and respect that it deserves. Call our office any time at (540) 886-0110 to schedule a consultation with one of our expert attorneys.