Staunton Assault Defense Attorney

Being charged with assault can be a life altering event that continue to follow you well after you have paid your debt. The vagueness of the statutes governing assault allows the state greater latitude in how they prosecute assault cases and the sentences they hand down. If you find yourself in custody or accused of assault ensure that you are legally protected by hiring a Staunton assault defense attorney. Our attorneys, at May Law, LLP, have the real courtroom experience and legal know how to effectively advocate you and protect your rights. Remember, the quality of your representation can mean the difference between incarceration and freedom.

In Staunton and the greater Commonwealth of Virginia, being charged with assault not only hinges on physical contact with another person, but you may also be charged if there is intention to cause physical harm to another regardless of contact. There are many tiers of assault and battery charges; making the crime complicated and confusing for anyone without a working knowledge of the law. Our lawyer work tirelessly to maintain their expertise on ever changing statutes and sentencing guide lines. As members of the Staunton community, we understand our clients and their families and can deliver the personal service to make a stressful time in your life a little easier.

If you are awaiting trial, in custody, or even worried you may be charged, retain a Staunton assault defense lawyer to fight for you. The firm of May Law, LLP will use all of our resources, dedication, and tenacity to build the strongest case possible for you. we will leave no stone un-turned, no legal path un-explored if it means you receive a more positive outcome to your case. To speak with one of our expert lawyer about your case call our Staunton office at (540) 886-0110 to schedule an appointment.