Steps in Rideshare Accident Claim

Many people use Rideshare services to get to their destination conveniently and quickly. Companies like Uber and Lyft have been growing in popularity recently because they are a reliable form of transportation. Unfortunately, some trips end in serious accidents. If you have been injured in a rideshare accident you can contact a lawyer who has special experience representing rideshare accident victims. If you intend to file an accident claim here are some of the steps you need to know about.

Call 911 

As soon as you’re able to, call 911 right away so that First Responders can get to your location as soon as possible. They may ask you basic questions and do your best to answer them and follow their instructions. Make sure to stay at the scene and do not leave for any reason even if other parties leave. Be aware that the police may not be able to get to you in time, but wait for the ambulance to arrive and they will provide you assistance.

Get Medical Treatment 

After any kind of personal injury accident you should always get basic medical treatment. Too often accident victims refuse to get medical treatment because they think they are fine enough. However, this is a big mistake. You could have physical injuries or psychological trauma that you are not aware of due to shock and adrenaline. In addition, the insurance company will do anything to minimize your claim so they are counting on you to make this error and not to see a doctor. It is important that you see a doctor so that they can write a note which can be provided as supporting evidence for your claim.

Get Driver Information 

After an accident, you are required by law to exchange contact and insurance information. Ask your rideshare driver to give their personal information as well as information regarding their vehicle, like the make, model and license plate number. Rideshare drivers must have insurance coverage, and if they don’t it is a violation of the law, as a Monmouth County rideshare accident lawyer like one at Kreizer Law can explain. Sometimes however, drivers are not willing to provide their information. If you experience this issue, notify the lawyer so that they can note that to build your case.

Take Photos

If you are able to take detailed photos of the accident scene including debris strewn on the ground as well as inside of the vehicle.  Take as many photos as you can and if you weren’t able to take photos, have someone else do it. The more evidence that you have, the more a lawyer will be able to piece together what happened and who can be held liable.

Notify the Rideshare Company 

Let the rideshare company know that you were in an accident. They will give you instructions on what to do next. If you choose to file a claim, you may have to pursue litigation against the driver, other parties involved in the accident, the rideshare company, or all of the above. Learn more by contacting a skilled rideshare accident lawyer now.

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