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Fourth Circuit Applies Disability Protections to Temporary Conditions

Business owners and HR managers should be aware that even temporary injuries or conditions may place an employee within the purview of the Americans with Disability Act (“ADA”), as it has been amended. Congress expanded the definition of “disability” in the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 and the Fourth ...

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Ask the Employment Law Attorney: Napping on the Job – Can an Employee with a Sleep Disorder be Fired?

Question:  I can only sleep two to four hours a night.  A doctor says I can work only eight hours a day as a result of this.  My employer says they’ll fire me if I don’t agree to work against doctor’s orders.  Can they do this? Answer:  Read More

Fourth Circuit: Employer Did Not Violate ADA When it Fired a Registered Nurse Who Suffered From Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When a Registered Nurse’s supervisor called her a “drunk” and fired her, despite being aware of the nurse’s previous drug and alcohol addiction, the nurse brought a discriminatory discharge claim against the hospital pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended by the ...

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