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How Much Spousal Support Do I Have to Pay?

When people are considering their options in divorce cases, one question that invariably arises is whether spousal support will need to be paid and, if so, how long will it last.  This can be an acrimonious subject; after all, the idea of giving money every month to someone you may strongly dislike ...

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Are Financial Settlements in Divorce Proceedings Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

In today’s economy, litigants in divorce cases are just as likely to be fighting over shared debts as shared assets.  As a result, many divorcing parties smartly settle cases quickly, rather than driving themselves further into debt with additional attorney’s fees.  In fact, settling rather than lit...

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Does Obamacare Extend Father’s Child Support Obligation?

Both lawyers and laypersons have heard of the “law of unintended consequences.” This is when policymakers craft new laws to address one set of problems, only to create a new set of problems with the laws they have just passed. Much has been written in recent years about the unintended consequences ...

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