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Employment Law Update

Fired for Facebook? Terminated for Tweeting?

One of May Law’s most robust practice areas is employment law, serving both employers and employees, whether in government or in the private workforce. As with any client, we thoughtfully advise those seeking employment counsel based on the law,...

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Can a company be sued for encouraging another business to fire its employee?

Yes, a company can be held liable for encouraging another business to fire an employee unless it has a legitimate reason for doing so.  If the employee is an “at will” employee, as most employees are, then the employee must show that the company intentionally interfered with his or her employment us...

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Fourth Circuit Interprets Wal-Mart V. Dukes in Favor of Plaintiffs

Family Dollar Stores, Inc. is facing heat from some 51 female managers that claim that the Dollar Store’s corporate headquarters created a system of compensation that caused female store managers to be paid less than males.  The plaintiffs allege that they are aware of no other criteria that could h...

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