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Employment Law Update

Fired for Facebook? Terminated for Tweeting?

One of May Law’s most robust practice areas is employment law, serving both employers and employees, whether in government or in the private workforce. As with any client, we thoughtfully advise those seeking employment counsel based on the law,...

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4th Circuit Reverses Trial Court, Finds Worker’s Wrongful Discharge and Retaliation Claims Should Have Proceeded

In a recent unpublished opinion, the Fourth Circuit decided that a significant portion of an employee’s lawsuit should have proceeded when she was terminated just six days after she complained about age discrimination at work.  The case is Buchhagen v. ICF International, Inc., et al., and the...

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Ask the Employment Law Attorney: Napping on the Job – Can an Employee with a Sleep Disorder be Fired?

Question:  I can only sleep two to four hours a night.  A doctor says I can work only eight hours a day as a result of this.  My employer says they’ll fire me if I don’t agree to work against doctor’s orders.  Can they do this? Answer:  Read More