Traffic Violation Law Firm Fairfax, VA

Traffic Violation Law Firm Fairfax, VA Traffic Violation Law Firm Fairfax, VA

When you need help with your traffic ticket, you should contact the traffic violation law firm Fairfax, VA trusts at May Law, LLP. The Fairfax, Virginia traffic violation law firm attorneys do not advise that you do pay your ticket or attempt to defend yourself in court. First, the police officer who gives you the traffic ticket is likely to use anything that you say against you when it comes to presenting evidence in court. That means that even if you are telling the officer that it was an accident or that you did not mean to violate the law, it will not be used in your favor. Similarly, if you defend yourself in a court, it is likely that you may say something that is incriminating. Our traffic violation lawyer Fairfax, VA trusts is familiar with the standard courtroom procedures and knows how to help file your paperwork and defend you in court. Leave it to our team to represent you when you have been given a traffic ticket. 

Should I just pay the ticket and go to traffic school?

This is one of the options that you have and, unfortunately, one of the options that many people choose to take. Instead of fighting for their defense with the help of our traffic violation law firm in Fairfax, many people think that a traffic ticket is not a big deal. However, this can leave you worse off in the future, especially when it comes to potential future tickets. So, while you could pay the ticket and go to traffic school, we recommend working with our team to try to get your charges reduced or completely dropped. When the court drops your charges, it means you will not have to face penalties and you do not have to go to traffic school. 

Another law firm guaranteed me a win. Is this true?

We advise all clients and potential clients to be very skeptical of law firms who promise you that they can win the case for you off the bat. While it is true that lawyers who have experience in certain areas of the law are more likely to have success in the courtroom, an attorney can never guarantee you that they will win. Instead, we can guarantee you that we will work hard on your behalf to find evidence that can help reduce or drop charges and that we will be there to defend you in the courtroom. 

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