After being arrested for a DUI at the scene of a car crash, it is not uncommon for the person arrested to be faced with a lawsuit soon after. The other driver has a certain period of time after the accident to file a lawsuit. After being served, you may not know what to do next. While under sudden and intense pressure, there are ways you may be unknowingly hurting your case. Your first step in this process should be contacting an attorney, like a DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts, for legal assistance.


Posting About the Lawsuit on Social Media

In today’s society, we share our lives and feelings more than ever on the public domain of the internet. Whether that be facebook, instagram or some other portal for communication, posting anything about your lawsuit can have negative repercussions. It is not unlikely that the opposing driver’s attorney is searching your social media for posts or comments that can be used against you in court. Despite the range of emotions and intensity of these feelings, do not post anything on social media until your trial has been settled.


Do Not Speak with Anyone Before Talking to Your Attorney

Once your lawsuit is in motion, you may be contacted from a variety of parties and representatives from insurance companies or adjusters. Do not offer any information about your case until speaking with your attorney first. Your attorney may be one of the only people during this time who has your best interests in mind, and they want to protect you. By answering questions or giving statements to outside parties, it can have a severe impact on your case.


Never, Ever Openly Admit Fault

Do not admit fault, and do not imply you did not uphold a responsibility by apologizing when talking about the accident. At the scene of the accident or while sitting in the back of the cop car, do not state fault. Do not even quietly admit to a pedestrian that you are guilty in a moment of shock and fright. Even though you may have been under the influence when the car accident happened, the other driver still could have caused the collision. There may be a detail of the accident you are not aware of yet that resulted in the crash. Play it safe, and try to not say much at all to those who may be against you during the lawsuit.


Be Wary When Signing & Completing Paperwork

Ask your attorney for assistance when filling out necessary paperwork associated with your lawsuit. Complete these documents with accuracy and neatness, so there are no errors or misjudgements about what you have written. Do not sign any paperwork that you receive in the mail from an unknown party. Check with your attorney about the legitimacy of these companies before signing. What may seem like innocent and routine paperwork in regards to your lawsuit, could have fine print which approves a company accessing medical records or information about you that would have remained private.

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