What is the difference between assault and battery?

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What is an assault and battery criminal charge?
  • In Arlington VA, assault occurs when someone intentionally instigates harm or an offense against another person. The person who is charged with assault does not even have to physically touch the victim.
  • In Arlington VA, battery occurs when someone intentionally makes physical contact with another person with the intention of hurting them. If that physical harm, or battery, results in seriously injuring the victim, the perpetrator might be charged with malicious wounding in addition to battery. Malicious wounding is a felony criminal charge.
What is a domestic violence criminal charge?
In Arlington VA, the charge of domestic violence references an act of assault on a family member. In this context, an assault lawyer might describe assault as any threat to the victim’s safety whether it be emotional or physical. Common examples of when someone might be charged with domestic violence include:
  • Emotional or physical threats of violence.
  • Verbal threats that create a reasonable fear for the victim that they will be injured in some way.
  • Physical contact such as kicking, pushing, grabbing, or punching.
Penalties for an Assault and Battery Conviction
After a review of your case, an assault lawyer in Arlington VA can provide you more specific information as it pertains to you, but a charge of assault and battery is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. The penalty for a conviction includes jail time up to one year. However, the court further breaks down assault and battery convictions:
  • If the assault was against a school official, guidance counselor, principal, or teacher then the offender must spend at least two days in jail.
  • If the assault was against someone based on their religion, race, national origin, or color then the offender must spend at least thirty days in jail.
  • If the assault was against someone who is a law enforcement officer, public safety officer who is performing their duty, firefighter or other emergency responder, or a corrections officer then the offender will be charged with a Class 6 Felony and a conviction carries a mandatory six months of jail time.
Protect Your Rights with the Help of an Assault Lawyer in Arlington VA
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