Virginia Burglary Lawyer

Burglary Lawyer Virginia
Burglary Lawyer Virginia


If you happen to be facing a burglary charge and are looking for a burglary lawyer in Virginia then May Law, LLP is the legal counsel for you. We are based out of Fairfax, Va and operate all throughout Northern Virginia serving our clients with exemplary legal counsel. Burglaries are one of the areas of law that we have many years experience in. Rest assured that you are not alone in facing these charges and that help is on the way. That’s why we at May Law, LLP are here to serve you in the chance that you are facing these charges and are seeking legal counsel. 


What is a Burglary Offense?

 Under The Commonwealth of Virginia law a burglary is considered a burglary when a person or person(s) force entry into a building where someone resides without consent during the night. If the burglary happens to be committed during the day then this would fall under the different term of statutory burglary. A statutory burglary has slightly different penalties. What separates a burglary from a breaking and entering is that a burglary has an illegal intent behind it. That illegal intent could be to commit a theft, arson or other things like rape or even murder. While these charges can be severe if prosecuted the cases are generally quite complex and can result in a smaller charge if you see legal counsel. If you are fighting a charge for burglary we at May Law, LLP will fight for you. With over 20 years criminal law experience in Northern Virginia we know a burglary lawyer from our firm can help you with whatever your needs may be.


Charges For Burglary

 A charge for a burglary offense ranges in the span of 1 to 20 years in prison if found guilty. There are also associated fines that accompany a burglary conviction. Depending on the severity of the burglary and whether or not a deadly weapon is used that will all factor into the case. If the defendant is found to have used a deadly weapon and that the case is deemed a burglary then in Virginia that could be punishable with 20 years or more in prison. These cases sometimes even receive the conviction of life in prison. 


Defending a Burglary Case

 Defending a burglary case is not one that a prosecutor will take lightly. It’s also an offense that carries harsh penalties, but can be quite difficult to prove by the prosecutor. If you are facing a burglary charge then it must be proven by the prosecutor that you have:


  1. Forcefully entered a place of residence without the consent of the owner
  2. Entered the lodgings with the intent of theft or illegal actions


These cases often have many details and are difficult to navigate without the help of legal counsel. An experienced burglary lawyer at May Law, LLP can help you to traverse a burglary case.  


Get Help With Your Legal Affairs

 If you are in need of legal counsel for a burglary or other offense(s) involving criminal law then a seasoned veteran of legal affairs at May Law, LLP can be of the utmost guidance and support for you. Please contact us on our website as our lawyers based out of Fairfax, Virginia are proudly standing by and awaiting your consultation.  

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