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DWI lawyer Fairfax VAIf you have been charged with DWI in Fairfax VA and want to consult with an experienced DWI lawyer Fairfax VA, contact May Law LLP. Virginia’s DWI is law is tough and can have steep penalties including jail, even for 1st time offenders.  May Law, LLP has experienced DWI lawyer Fairfax VA and we are ready to assist you.

In Virginia, in most cases, DWI is a misdemeanor crime that carries penalties up to one year in jail, a one-year license suspension, fines up to $2500, and mandatory probation. However, if you have prior convictions or a BAC of 0.15 or more, there are situations where you might face mandatory jail, longer or even indefinite license suspension, and even felony prosecution.  It is not worth the risk to face these kinds of situations without a quality DWI lawyer Fairfax VA on your side.

Like most states, Virginia uses a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) breath test to determine the level of alcohol impairment. And like most states, that limit in Virginia is 0.08%. But does that mean you will automatically be convicted if your BAC level is 0.08 % or more? Not necessarily. While it is true that Virginia law is tough against drunk drivers, and Virginia prosecutors take these cases very seriously, a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08% merely creates an inference of guilt. That simply means that other evidence must support the BAC reading in order to rise to the point that one could be convicted of DWI.  A skilled DWI lawyer Fairfax VA understands the interplay between the chemical evidence and other evidence and can use this knowledge to help you in your DWI case.

To be sure, the BAC test is an important piece of evidence for the prosecution, and an experienced DWI lawyer Fairfax VA will explore other ways to overcome the weight that Virginia law assigns to that evidence. That could be in the form of a scientific defense based on the manner in which the BAC test was administered, the operation of the BAC machine, or an interpretation of the BAC test results.  A good DWI lawyer Fairfax VA has experience in these kinds of cases and can use that experience to assist you.

Furthermore, the BAC evidence could be excluded altogether if the suspect was stopped by the police without a reasonable suspicion that they were breaking the law, or later arrested without probable cause to believe they were driving under the influence of alcohol.  A DWI lawyer Fairfax VA knows this will come down to an examination of why the suspect came to be stopped by the police and why that officer ultimately decided to arrest that suspect. Here we get into the details of a suspect’s performance on roadside Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). This might even include a roadside breath test, which is very different from the formalized breath test one might take at the police station.

There can be other scenarios that might involve a completely different legal analysis, and a DWI lawyer Fairfax VA will leave no stone unturned in mounting a defense. For example, a driver that has been involved in a traffic accident triggers a different set of legal questions. Likewise, driver who is compelled to submit a blood test as opposed to a breath test brings about a much different set of potential defense arguments. A driver who is stopped pursuant to a DWI sobriety checkpoint might have another strategy altogether.

These issues should not be left to anyone other than an experienced DWI lawyer Fairfax VA. If you are accused of DWI in Fairfax VA, not only do you face financial jeopardy, but your freedom itself may be at risk. You should consider an experienced DWI lawyer Fairfax VA to help safeguard your rights, analyze the evidence of your case, and fight for the best outcome. Call May Law LLP for a free consultation and speak to an experienced DWI lawyer Fairfax VA.