Restraining Order Petition Lawyer Fairfax, VA

Fairfax, Virginia Restraining Order Petition Lawyer

Restraining Order Petition Lawyer Fairfax VAIf you are in need of a restraining order petition lawyer that Fairfax, Virginia residents trust to assist them with their legal issues, you can look to May Law, LLP for help. A restraining order should not be taken lightly, so if you have learned that there is one against you, finding a lawyer who is skilled at criminal law should be a top priority. They can assess your situation and educate you about your rights. They can determine if the order is warranted and build a defense for you. If you believe that someone has filed an unwarranted restraining order against you, consult with a lawyer from the law firm of May Law, LLP today to receive prompt legal counsel.  

Restraining Order Petition Lawyer in Fairfax VA

The satisfaction and protection of our clients’ rights is our main focus at May Law, LLP. We approach each case with care, giving our clients the attention they deserve. Everyone has the right to proper legal representation, and our skilled and experienced legal team will use their resources to make sure that you are supported along the way. Having helped clients since 1995, we understand the stress that comes with dealing with a difficult legal situation and know what it takes to achieve the best results. Schedule an initial consultation today to speak to a qualified lawyer who can stand by your side and be a fierce advocate for you.  

Understanding Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a document ordered by the court that forbids a named individual from doing certain things, such as contacting or coming within an established distance near the individual who requested the restraining order. They also go by the name of protective orders. They are commonly issued following domestic violence incidents or cases that involve stalkers.   If a court has determined that a restraining order is appropriate, it is important to obey it right away. As a restraining order petition lawyer in Fairfax, VA can tell you, restraining orders can be temporary or permanent. There are many consequences to a restraining order.  If you and the petitioner have a child together and your child does not live with you, your visitation rights may be affected.  

What to Do If There is a Restraining Order Against You

Do not dismiss any notice of a restraining order. Make sure to attend the mandatory hearing where the judge will hear your defense, otherwise you can risk damaging your case. Domestic violence laws vary across different states, so it is crucial to contact a lawyer for a clearer understanding of how laws apply to your situation. They can go over the most effective legal strategies and action steps you can take. For more specific guidance on how to respond to a restraining order filed against you talk to a lawyer.  

Legal Help From a Skilled Lawyer is Available 

Fighting an unexpected restraining order issued against you can be a stressful situation, but a lawyer will be able to guide you through it. Schedule a consultation today with a Fairfax, VA-based restraining order petition lawyer if you need assistance fighting a restraining order.
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