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The modern workplace has become more inclusive, often following diversity hiring practices to include people from all walks of life in their companies. However, despite the rise of inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, bullies still exist—taking on new and subtler forms.  Gone are the days of blatant aggression alone. Instead, the workplace contends with various forms of bullying, encompassing insidious behaviors such as sexual harassment, racial discrimination, power dynamics, and gender bias. These behaviors
How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Divorce - Divorce section of the property by legal means.
39-year-old Richard Gray III has been accused of killing his wife in Prince George’s County, according to court records. Gray and his wife, 31-year-old Sheray Gray were reported to be experiencing domestic problems that came to a head in early August. According to witness testimony, Richard and Sheray Gray were heard having a heated argument after coming home from a dinner. The pair entered the bathroom of an upstairs bedroom before witnesses heard loud noises.
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Man Dies After DUI Checkpoint

Posted on July 4, 2023
On Monday, June 13, 2023, a man was killed in a crash after he drove away from a DUI checkpoint in Fairfax County, Virginia. The man, identified as Ashton Robinson, 39, of Culpeper, was driving eastbound on Lee Highway when he struck a vehicle he was trying to pass. Robinson was ejected from his vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. The other occupants of the vehicle, a driver and a passenger, did not suffer
One of the things that the government does best is collect data. Yet, the collection of raw data serves little purpose unless knowledgeable people utilize it for a broader purpose. Recently, MoneyGeek put some raw data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to good use. Specifically, it analyzed the five most recent years’ worth of DUI crash fatality statistics from the NHTSA’s FARS database to determine on which days and during which seasons
Recently, a Fairfax County Circuit Judge–Richard Gardiner–came under heat for determining that frozen human embryos should be considered property in a divorce. His claim is based on a 19th-century law that determined how slave owners should treat their slaves and whether humans could own other humans. In using this ruling, many people have slammed the judge for failing to use modern laws to solve a problem between a divorcing couple and instead propelling Virginians back
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