Limited Licenses

Posted on June 30, 2021
Whenever two entities interact, such as writer and publisher or influencer and brand, there is often some sort of licensing that goes on between the parties and involves those parties’ copyrights or trademarks. In order for this transaction to succeed, one or both parties need to allow the other to use their copyright or trademarks. It is important therefore to limit the use of these licenses to ensure that one party doesn’t end up abusing
Family Lawyer Parenting can come with many challenges if you and your ex have a child together but are no longer in a relationship. Complicated child custody situations can quickly get out of hand if you are not careful. When you are locked in a heated custody battle, you should be mindful of your actions and how it will impact your relationship with your child as well as the court’s opinion of your fitness as

Excessive Force by Police

Posted on June 14, 2021
Recent publicity about the questionable deaths of multiple black Americans has brought focus on the problem of police brutality. The recent George Floyd verdict illustrates that police occasionally use excessive force during encounters with crime suspects that leads to unnecessary injury and death. Instances of excessive force have led to death by shooting, death by strangulation, traumatic brain injury and paralysis. What happens when police use excessive force and cause injury? Not all force is
The most difficult decision has been made: you’re getting divorced. You and your spouse, after tearful arguments, perhaps loud arguments, recriminations, regrets, marriage counseling, and yet another attempt at a ‘this will save us’ weekend trip away, have decided to call it quits. You’ve decided to get divorced, and, in addition to the sadness, melancholy, and anger, you may even feel a little relief: a decision has been made, and you can see the next

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Posted on May 18, 2021
Where does Criminal Law Intersect Family Law? In many circumstances, the actions of one spouse can trigger criminal charges, and may cause them to need a criminal defense lawyer.  When these intersections of criminal law and family law intersect, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer  such as the ones available at Farkas & Crowley, PA. In many cases, what is going to actually trigger a divorce or separation is going to be allegations
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