Estate litigation is when the estate of a person dies and there are disagreements over who should get what. The estate can be in dispute because one or more family members want to give away an inheritance, or they cannot agree on how much each person should get. There are many steps that need to be completed before estate litigation can take place, including gathering evidence for your case. Contact an estate lawyer, like one

A quick guide to Estate Planning

Posted on November 30, 2021
Estate Lawyer What is Estate Planning? Estate planning is a process that involves professional consultants, such as an Estate Lawyer, who you familiarize with your goals, assets, properties, and your family structure. Estate planning may include the services of a variety of professionals, including your lawyer, accountant, financial planner, life insurance consultant, banker, and broker. As explained by our friends at Holborn Law, the plan outlines the transfer of property in the event of death,

Narcissism in the Divorce Process

Posted on November 30, 2021
Divorce Lawyer When divorcing a narcissist, does the fact they were narcissist affect the divorce process? Sadly everyone has had to deal with a narcissistic and self-absorbed person. It isn’t fun dealing with a narcissist, and it certainly is not fun being married to a narcissist and dealing with them on a daily basis. One of the hardest things to do is divorce a narcissist. There’s a good chance that due to your spouse’s excessive

How Does a Parent Choose a Guardian? 

Posted on November 26, 2021
Family lawyers are important for many different reasons. One of the most common duties of a family lawyer is to ensure that any children involved in a case are protected and taken care of. Sometimes, a certain parent is not fit to raise children. Other times, a parent may pass away and leave their minor children alone with no one to care for them. This is why it is important to have a guardianship lawyer
What Can Be Included in an Estate Plan?  There are specific times where a family’s possessions are reviewed and allocated. One of those is during a divroce. A couple going through a divorce attempt to decide how shared possessions are divided up between both. When there are children involved, a serious discussion is had with a divorce attorney on what happens with a home and vehicles. All of this takes place on the backdrop of
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