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Civil Litigation Lawyer Arlington VA

Civil Litigation Lawyer Arlington VA

Civil Litigation Lawyer Arlington VA

If you ever find yourself being served with a lawsuit, you need to find an experienced civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA right away.  While most people would understandably find being involved in a criminal proceeding very troubling, getting dragged into a civil lawsuit can be every bit as stressful and disconcerting.  An experienced civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA will know the best way to navigate this stressful situation and put you in the best possible position for a favorable result.

A good civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA knows that civil litigation can come in a variety of forms.  Often, civil litigation involves disputes between persons regarding money. For example, if two parties sign a contract and then one party does not believe the other party is living up to his obligations under that contract, he could file a lawsuit to recover the money he thinks he lost.  Irrespective of whether you are the person who wants to sue or you are the person who is being sued, it is important to have a good civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA to help you.

For example, did you know that if you are served with a lawsuit in Virginia and fail to respond within 21 days, you can automatically lose?  This is true even if the lawsuit filed against you is completely made up! In other words, you can’t just ignore a lawsuit—if you are sued, hire a good civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA immediately to protect your rights.

However, it’s not just the person who is being sued who must act quickly.  In fact, in Virginia, there are very strict and specific time limits within which you must file your lawsuit.  For example, even if you have a slam dunk claim against another person, if you wait too long to sue that person, you may miss your chance.  And this is true even if your allegations are true. So, if you think you have a basis to sue another person, it is always a good idea to consult right away with an experienced civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA.  Even if you ultimately decide not to pursue your case, it is often helpful to at least know your rights under the law.

In addition to lawsuits regarding money, other types of civil litigation cases include employment discrimination suits, personal injury suits, divorces, custody matters, and pretty much any other legal proceeding that does not involve criminal charges.  A civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA will understand the various types of claims that can be brought, the possible defenses to those claims, and the time limits within which to bring them. So don’t delay! If you think you may need to sue someone, or if you have been sued by someone, immediately contact a civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA so you can be advised of your rights and be prepared for the case.

What Is a Contingency Fee?

Too often, Virginia residents hesitate to seek the guidance and support of an experienced civil litigation lawyer in Arlington VA because they believe that in doing so, they will incur significant legal bills. This is not always the case. In fact, oftentimes the individuals and families most in need of legal assistance are able to retain the services of an Arlington VA civil litigation lawyer for far less money than they originally anticipated. Some cases are even treated as “contingency” cases by the attorneys who handle them. At their most basic, contingency fees are those that are only charged to a client in the event that a case is successfully settled or won at trial.

Contingent Fees: The Basics

When an Arlington VA civil litigation lawyer makes his or her fees contingent, it means that their payment is not owed by a client unless a specific condition is met. Sometimes, fees are contingent upon a “win” calculated by a certain settlement or trial judgment threshold. Some attorneys will not charge fees unless the legal win covers legal expenses plus a certain additional amount of damages. At other times, attorneys will charge contingency fees based upon the concept of profit margin. They may charge clients for basic services (like filing fees) regardless of a case’s outcome but will not charge clients in an amount that results in a profit for the firm unless their clients win.

Not all areas of the law support contingency fees. In fact, divorce matters generally cannot be represented on a contingent basis because the law explicitly forbids such an arrangement. Some attorneys can make a judgment call as to whether or not to charge fees on a contingent basis. Many Arlington VA civil litigation lawyers choose to represent certain clients on a contingency basis, depending on the circumstances surrounding their case.

When an Arlington VA civil litigation lawyer charges contingent fees, they help to empower clients who might not otherwise be able to justify filing suit against an entity that has harmed them. If the case is not successful, the costs to the client remain low. If the case wins big, so do both the client and attorney in question. For obvious reasons, not every case can be represented on a contingent basis or law firms would quickly go out of business. It is therefore important not to expect such an arrangement from every attorney in regards to every conceivable suit.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have questions or concerns about how legal fees are calculated specifically or operate generally, please consider scheduling a consultation with an experienced attorney today. Fees are often quite variable depending upon the unique legal situation a client is grappling with. In addition, different attorneys handle fees in different ways simply because they deal with variation in how expensive their practice is to run and how expensive it is to take on certain legal challenges on behalf of their clients. The only way to know for sure how a specific firm handles fee-related matters is to ask. Please consider scheduling a consultation with an attorney today in order to discuss your questions and concerns related to both billing specifically and representation generally.

Lawyers at May Law, LLP include experienced attorneys who have handled numerous civil litigation matters on behalf of clients.  Please contact the Firm today to speak with a civil litigation lawyer Arlington VA and set up a consultation regarding your case.

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