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Domestic Battery Attorneys in Fairfax, VirginiaDomestic Battery Attorneys Fairfax VA

Our Domestic Battery Attorneys Fairfax VA residents depend on at May Law, LLP understands that being placed into handcuffs can be a terrifying experience. If law enforcement officers arrest you and take you into custody, you may feel immense embarrassment and fear. What will happen next? Do you have any rights at all? What does this mean for your future? Here we have answered some of our client’s biggest concerns after a recent arrest:


Your Miranda Rights


Yes, you do have legal rights when arrested. Furthermore, the arresting officer(s) must advise you of these rights. Called your Miranda rights, they consist of the following:


  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  • You have the right to an attorney.
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.

If the officer who arrested you did not inform you of your Miranda Rights, you must let a domestic violence lawyer in Fairfax, VA at May law, LLP know immediately. To have us start building a case in your defense, call as soon as you can. 


Exercising Your Right to Remain Silent


When arrested, do not panic, and certainly do not “spill your guts” to the officers. This applies not only at the time of your arrest, but also when you reach the precinct house or jail where the officers undoubtedly will attempt to question you. You have no legal obligation to answer any law enforcement question put to you other than to provide identification information if requested.

Other than that, you should take your rights to heart and remain silent. If you choose to voluntarily speak to the officers, you waive your Miranda rights, and you can rest assured that the officers will use anything you tell them against you later in court.


Exercising Your Right to an Attorney


You have the right to an attorney any time you face prosecution for an alleged crime. When you request an attorney, the officers must stop questioning you immediately. They must also allow you to attempt to call a private criminal defense attorney if you request to do so.

While hiring an experienced local criminal justice lawyer is always your wisest strategy when arrested, if you truly cannot afford one, do not hesitate to request that the officers obtain a public defender for you. Each state has its own public defender system that employs lawyers to represent indigent and low-income people facing prosecution. The officers must contact a public defender on your behalf if you request one. However, keep in mind that many public defenders have more than enough cases to handle, and may not be able to give you the attention your case deserves.

Call May Law, LLP Today


Whether you hire a private criminal justice lawyer or a public defender takes your case, officers cannot question you until this lawyer arrives. He or she is entitled to be in the room with you when officers question you. He or she also has the right to tell you which questions you should and should not answer, and when the interrogation should end. If you need assistance after a recent arrest, do not hesitate to call May Law, LLP to speak with a Domestic Battery Attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia now. 

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