Drug offenses lawyer Virginia

What To Do After Being Charged With a Drug Crime

Drug offenses lawyer Virginia

Especially if you’ve never been charged with a drug crime before, it could be scary when it happens. What are you supposed to do now? Is this going to forever alter the course of your life? With a qualified drug offenses lawyer in Virginia by your side, you can learn what to do so the situation turns out as favorable as possible. 

The following are some steps you should take.

Keep Quiet

If you listened as your Miranda rights were read to you, you would have heard that you have the right to remain silent. Use that right! Anything you say could be used against you in the criminal case, so you don’t want to give anyone additional ammunition to find you guilty. The only person you should speak about the case with is your lawyer. Even speaking with a family member or other loved one who you trust could end up being a bad idea.

Decline a Search

If a police officer begins a search, you don’t want to resist or loudly object, but if the officer requests the search, you can politely decline. This is true for a search conducted on your person, your office, your car or your home. Speaking with your lawyer first is always a better idea, and if your drug offense lawyer in Virginia feels like the search would be fine, then you can consent at that time.

Know Your Rights

It’s extremely important that you know what your Miranda rights are. If you aren’t taken into police custody, you won’t be read those rights, so you should know what they are beforehand. If you’re not handcuffed, feel free to ask the officer speaking with you if you are being arrested or if you’re free to leave. If the officer says you are free to leave, go ahead and do it. Give your lawyer a call as soon as you get that green light. If the officer says you are being arrested, the Miranda rights will then be read to you and you will need to be extremely careful what you say at that point.

Be Honest With Your  Drug Offenses Lawyer in Virginia

Your lawyer can’t do anything against you. It’s part of the lawyer’s job to keep your confidence and represent you fully. Even if you’re worried that what you say might incriminate you, your lawyer needs to know about it. 

Contact a Lawyer Today

Being charged with a crime can bring with it a host of issues and stresses. If you’re in this situation, you should know what to do. Contact May Law LLP  drug offenses lawyers in Virginia today so you can learn more about your rights.

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