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Family Lawyer Arlington, VA Family Lawyer Arlington, VA

A Family Lawyer for Child Custody

What might scare any parents most, after a divorce, is worrying about what will happen to their children? As a family lawyer in Arlington, VA, we, at May Law, LLP hear many concerns from parents, such as:

  1. What if I don’t get much time with my child?
  2. Will I still be able to be the parent I want to be?
  3. Will my child be negatively impacted?
  4. How can I make sure they are okay?

These concerns are normal for any mom or dad, and particularly important to think about during a child custody battle, or pre-agreement. We know that many parents struggle to think about these things, and worry what the future may hold. For most parents, they do not want the decision of child custody to end up in the hands of a judge.However, when an arrangement cannot be reached, this will happen. To avoid this, it may help to have a family lawyer in Arlington, VA on your side. By making this decision, you can feel peace of mind in knowing your rights will be protected, while at the same time, your child’s interests will be put first.

If you are a parent and facing a child custody issue, call a family lawyer in Arlington, VA from May Law, LLP. We will work closely with you to consider all of your options, and ideally create a plan that accounts for your responsibilities, obligations, job, and schedule. This plan may not only help you to get what you want, but also ensure your child receives the best care possible – from both parents. 

Types of Child Custody

Legal Custody – Usually, legal custody is awarded to both parents. This custody allows the parent to make various decisions for the child, including health care, religious upbringing, and education.

Physical Custody – Thie custody refers to the parent who will typically spend the most time with the child. It is possible to have sole physical custody, primary physical custody, shared physical custody, or split physical custody. 

Sole Physical Custody  – When one parent has full custody of the child, and does not share any time with the other parent, they may have sole custody. This is more common when there are circumstances involved, such as incarceration or abuse. 

Primary Physical Custody – When one parent has more time with the child than the other, they may have primary physical custody. 

Shared Physical Custody – When the non-custodial parent has at least 90 days per year with the child, it is considered to be shared custody. This type of custody also involves less child support as it is assumed the non custodial parent will be providing for a certain amount of clothing, meals, activities, and other needs. As a family lawyer in Arlington, VA, this is the most common type of custody sought for by fathers. Judges are also supportive of shared custody because it is believed that it benefits the child most. In some cases, it is not always ideal; therefore, you should have a lawyer to be at your side when you go to court. 

Split Physical Custody – A rarer form of custody, this involves one parent taking one child and the other parent taking the other child. These types of cases tend to involve special circumstances and may only be accepted by a judge when factors apply. 

If you need help with a child custody matter, call a family lawyer in Arlington, VA from May Law, LLP for immediate advice. 


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