Forgery lawyer Virginia

Forgery lawyer Virginia

If you’ve been accused of forgery, a forgery lawyer in Virginia can help. Forgery is a serious allegation, and it can result in equally serious punishments. It can be overwhelming to face possible jail or prison time because of a forgery charge, but at May Law, LLP, we can help you understand the legal process and what to expect in the future.


Before you contact your lawyer, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of forgery so you know more about your charges. Read on to learn a little more about what counts as forgery, and how you and your lawyer can work together to help you get your sentence reduced, or beat your case altogether.


What Is Forgery?

At its most basic definition, forgery is the creation or alteration of documents or material for fraudulent purposes. Before you ask, it also includes the use of these documents. Forgery used to only mean the creation aspect, and “uttering a false document” was the charge for actually using these documents for fraudulent purposes. Now, however, it’s all under one big forgery umbrella.

Documents or material can mean many different things. It can refer to checks with a fake signature, or to falsified records if you’re trying to apply for a loan or housing. Forgery refers to a wide range of fraud, but it’s important to remember that no matter the specifics, it carries serious consequences: In all 50 states, forgery counts as a felony.


What Kind of Punishment Can I Expect?

Your sentence for forgery will depend on the state. In some states, you could just wind up with probation and fines, and in other states you could face lengthy prison time. Your sentence could also depend on the amount of money involved in your case. In certain states if you try to pass a forged check for less than $250, the punishment isn’t as severe as if you tried to pass a forged check that was for more than $250.

The punishment really depends on a number of variables, but it’s all bad: As a felony, a conviction for forgery can seriously impact your future. Fortunately, a forgery lawyer in Virginia can help you make sense of your case, and can help you navigate through the legal proceedings with ease.


How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

At May Law, LLP, we understand that your forgery case depends on whether or not the prosecution can prove a number of points against you. The burden of evidence rests with the prosecution, and it’s up to them to prove that it was your intention to commit fraud. They’ll also have to prove that the document in question was forged, and that the document had legal significance. Finally, the prosecution will have to prove that it was you who used or created the (allegedly) false document. There are many hoops for them to jump through, and each of these hoops is a potential point of defense in your favor.

With the help of a criminal defense attorney from May Law, LLP, you can stand up for yourself against any forgery convictions that threaten your future. Get in touch with May Law, LLP today, and see how a Virginia forgery lawyer can help you today.

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