Grandparents Rights Lawyer, Virginia 

Grandparents Rights Lawyer, Virginia 

Grandparents Rights Lawyer Virginia Grandparents often develop close relationships with their grandchildren. Families can be divided after divorce or annulment and grandparents may lose their connection with several grandchildren. Grandparents rights lawyers can provide you with legal representation if you are seeking visitation rights or other rights.  The grandparents rights lawyers at May Law, LLP offer legal representation to grandparents who want to rebuild relationships with their grandchildren. Contact May Law, LLP today to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case. You may also reach out to us by calling the Fairfax, Virginia office at (703) 312-0410. 

No Statute In Virginia Specifically Governs Grandparents Rights 

The State of Virginia does not have a statute specifically related to grandparents rights. Child custody statutes operate in the context of grandparents rights. Virginia’s child custody statutes regulate the legal rights of all persons of legitimate interest, including grandparents.  Many jurisdictions use the best interests of the child standard to aid judges who must make child custody decisions. Virginia uses the best interests of the child standard. Grandparents also must adhere to this standard and the court must determine what serves the best interests of the child.  Many family law judges will not contravene a parent’s decision regarding the child’s involvement with grandparents. Grandparents can face many difficulties while they attempt to obtain grandparents rights.  Parents may not want a particular grandparent to have any contact with a child. Sometimes courts may decide that it is in the best interests of the child for the child to have a relationship with his or her grandparents. The factors that may be relevant to these decisions include the following: 
  • A grandparent may have consistent and significant involvement with the child
  • The grandparents may be so close to the child that ending the relationship between the grandparents and the child may harm the child 
  • A parent may be jailed or institutionalized and a grandparent may offer to be a child’s guardian 
  • Grandparents may want to obtain legal custody of a child if the child’s parents abused or neglected the child and lost custody of the child 

May Grandparents In Virginia Gain Custodial Rights? 

 The State of Virginia holds the right of the parent over a child as an important right. Parents may grant consent to transfer custody of a child to a grandparent. If parents do not consent the grandparents must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that denying custody or visitation rights to a grandparent would cause actual harm to the child. 

Contact May Law, LLP To Schedule A Consultation 

Contact May Law, LLP to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case. Retaining a grandparents rights lawyer Virginia residents turn to is the best thing you can do as a grandparent who seeks custody or visitation rights. Call the Fairfax, Virginia office at (703) 312-0410. The grandparents rights at May Law, LLP have years of experience representing clients who want to maintain relationships with their grandchildren.  
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