How to Speed Up the Divorce Process

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How to Speed Up the Divorce ProcessThere are many reasons why you may wish to ensure that your divorce process progresses as quickly as it possibly can. Perhaps you have financial concerns that will become more pressing with time. Perhaps you are concerned that your children will be affected negatively by a drawn-out process. Or perhaps you are simply frustrated with the stresses associated with divorce and wish to have the process complete. A desire for a speedy divorce process is completely understandable. It is simply important to remember that a divorce case should only progress as quickly as it can without becoming ineffective.

What Are Your Priorities?

If speed is your only concern, then communicate that desire to your divorce lawyer. But if you have other priorities that will be affected by the outcome of your case, you may need to sacrifice some speed in order to achieve these other ends. For example, if you want to ensure that you receive primary residential placement of your minor children, you should avoid pushing your divorce through so quickly that speed compromises this other important goal. Attorneys can work quickly in regards to some priorities, but others may remain at the mercy of certain procedural requirements and associated delays.

Communication and Compromise

Two of the most beneficial things you can do when seeking a speedy divorce process are communicate and compromise. What does this mean practically? Well, there are two primary avenues spouses may take when considering divorce. They may engage in a contentious “courtroom style” divorce or they may attempt to determine their divorce settlement terms in an “uncontentious” way through mediation and/or attorney-led negotiation. Uncontentious processes tend to be more affordable, less stressful and quicker than contentious divorces, simply because they require fewer trips to court. They also generally require less research, billed hours to an attorney and procedural delays.

If you are willing to communicate with your spouse and compromise when possible, these efforts will likely speed up your divorce process considerably. Certainly, if your spouse is unwilling to communicate and/or compromise, your efforts may not amount to a significant decrease in the time it will take to finalize your divorce. But if you both are willing to work with each other to settle your divorce terms without a great deal of judicial intervention, the process will almost certainly take less time than it would otherwise.

Speaking with a “Speedy” Fairfax VA Divorce Attorney

If you have questions about the divorce process, please do not hesitate to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer Fairfax VA clients trust. Each lawyer employs a different approach to the process, so it is important to work with someone whose approach closely matches your vision. For example, if you are particularly interested in ensuring that your divorce process progresses as quickly as it can while remaining effective, consider communicating that to any legal candidate you schedule a consultation with. Some attorneys will almost certainly be more willing to embrace an effective yet efficient approach than others will.

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