Paternity Lawyer Virginia 

Paternity Lawyer Virginia 

Paternity lawyer Virginia - Young father sitting on his bed, holding his baby son. He has his nose pressed to his son's cheek.If you are on the receiving end of accusations about paternity then it is in your best interest to find a paternity lawyer in Virginia. You need someone who is thorough with paternity issues and knows what laws are related to fatherhood. When going through the steps of dealing with paternity you need someone who is going to have your back and someone who understands that this is often a very stressful time.

You shouldn’t have to go through this stressful process on your own. The process can be complicated as you may find yourself overwhelmed with what to do. If you have found yourself in the situation and continue to read on to learn about how paternity is established and what that means for you.

Paternity And Father’s Rights 

When it comes to all questions relating to paternity you need someone who’s going to be open and honest with you about what that means. The results of paternity often affect all parties involved for years to come.

How to Establish Paternity 

Once it is determined that you need to figure out paternity, there are four ways that a person can legally determine paternity in Virginia. These are:

  • Presumption of Paternity: If the parents are married at least 10 months before the birth of the child then the law assumes that the husband is the father.
  • Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity: The parent of the child signs a voluntary acknowledgment form under oath that recognizes the father of the child. Both parties must first read and review an oral and written description of the rights and responsibilities that go along with paternity before signing.
  • Paternity by Adoption: When a man chooses to adopt a child he establishes his paternity through proof of adoption.
  • DNA Testing: The presumed father of the child can undergo a scientifically reliable genetic test to prove paternity.

If there is any question at all of whether the father is the biological parent of a child, it is important that they consider taking a paternity test. The reason for this is if an individual who is not the biological father of a child voluntarily acknowledges an attorney at birth he may face financial ramifications in the terms of child support moving forward. If there is any doubt as to the biological status of the father it is always a good idea to have a paternity test conducted.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity 

There are many benefits that can, from establishing paternity for all parties. When paternity is established it allows you to foster a relationship with your child, gives you access to their family history and medical records, gives you access to provide medical insurance and benefits for your child, and allows you to share responsibility in raising your child. Establishing paternity is often something that goes overlooked by many. 

No matter which way you go about establishing paternity it is always good to have a qualified lawyer on side. This is why the team at May Law, LLP is dedicated to having paternity lawyers in Virginia that will listen to your case and answer any questions that you may have about paternity and what happens when that is determined.

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