Petit Larceny Lawyer Virginia

Petit Larceny Lawyer Virginia

Petit Larceny Lawyer Virginia

While “petit larceny” may not sound like a big deal, a petit larceny lawyer in Virginia knows that this is still considered to be a crime and can affect your future, whether it is through jail time, not getting a job you want, or getting fined. Petit larceny charges are often associated with things like shoplifting and when you are facing these charges you will want to reach out to May Law, LLP to see how our team can help you. We understand that facing these charges can be difficult but you do not have to do this alone. 

Are there any defenses to petit larceny? 

Absolutely. If you are prepared to fight these charges then know that we will work with you to gather evidence and find a defense that best suits this case. Some common defenses to this type of charge are: 


  • Someone else put the stolen item on your person
  • You were mistaken for the person who actually stole the item
  • You owned the item in question and it was not stolen
  • The police illegally conducted a search and seizure of you
  • You had no intention of stealing the item and were prepared to pay for it

What does petit larceny mean? 

You may have heard of “larceny” or “grand larceny” before; but what does “petit larceny” mean? As a Virginia petit larceny lawyer knows, committing petit larceny means a person: 


  • Stole property directly from someone that was valued at $5 or less, or
  • Stole property with a value that is less than $1,000

While the punishment for a conviction could be up to 12 months of incarceration, you may get worse punishments if you have been convicted of larceny or other crimes before. If this is not your first offense, you may have more expensive fines and even face felony punishments. It is also possible that separate from the criminal charges, the other party could decide to pursue civil action against you as well. If this is the case, you will want to speak with your lawyer about what your options are. 

When you are facing petit larceny charges, being prepared to go to court on your own and say that you did not do it will not be enough. The best thing you can do for your defense is work with a lawyer you can trust from May Law, LLP. They can prepare you for court and go over the facts of the case to create a defense. Interested in working with our team? Call us to speak with a Virginia petit larceny lawyer now. 

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