Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Fairfax, VA

Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Fairfax, VA

No one likes to be driving down the road only to come face to face with a police officer aiming a radar gun right at your vehicle. Most police officers using this equipment will not exactly be in plain sight. Rather, they tend to be clever and place themselves in an area that is not visible to oncoming motorists until it is already too late. In the event you are going above the speed limit, you may be ticketed. 


One of the most common concerns that potential clients of May Law, LLP voice concerns the fallibility and use of a radar gun, and whether or not it is possible to fight traffic tickets inspired by radar gun readouts. In short, yes, it is possible to fight a speeding ticket, even if a readout indicates that you were traveling at an unlawful speed. However, if you plan on doing so, it may be in your best interest to have an experienced Fairfax, VA traffic lawyer on your side. 


What is a Radar Gun and How Are they Used?


Radar guns are specialized pieces of equipment most commonly used by law enforcement. This device has the ability to detect a speeding vehicle; however it is not always accurate. If you have been ticketed with a radar gun, fighting the ticket is possible. In general, your Fairfax, Virginia traffic ticket lawyer will explain to the judge that these devices are not always accurate, and like any other piece of equipment, do have their limitations. If you’re going to fight this ticket, you should be prepared for a challenge. Furthermore, this is not the kind of case you should pursue without a qualified Fairfax, VA traffic ticket lawyer in your corner, as you likely don’t know how to challenge the relevant readout evidence and have the accuracy of that evidence effectively called into question. 


How They Work


Radar guns are basic technology. In short, they direct and send radio signals which bounce off the car and back to the device. This is called the Doppler Effect, a term you may already be familiar with. Based on the changes in the value of the signals that were read, the device can tell whether you were speeding. Across the U.S. more law enforcement agencies are using light detection and ranging technology. Similar to radar guns, these devices use lasers rather than radio signals. If you were ticketed with light detection guns, you also may be able to fight your ticket with the assistance of an experienced Fairfax, VA traffic ticket lawyer. 


How Radar Guns Could Be Inaccurate


Radar guns must be calibrated on a frequent basis. Just like certain instruments, a tuning fork is used on the device to ensure it is working properly. The police officer in charge of the gun will also be in charge of calibrating it. This process will need to be logged into the stations calibration records. A Fairfax, VA traffic ticket lawyer may review these records for any potential mistake or error. If it is true the device had not been calibrated for a period of time, or it was not calibrated correctly, your lawyer may ask for the ticket to be dismissed or (at minimum) for the readout evidence to be thrown out. In addition to this common defense, the following defenses may be considered:


Proper equipment was not used to calibrate the radar gun

The police officer lacked the necessary training to use the gun

An operational error was made


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To learn more about fighting your traffic ticket charge, schedule a consultation with an experienced Fairfax, VA traffic ticket lawyer from May Law LLP today. You don’t have to navigate this situation alone.  

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