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Annulment Lawyer Arlington VA

An annulment lawyer Arlington VA residents depend on from May Law, LLP has helped many people just like you request annulments. An annulment is a procedure for declaring a domestic partnership or marriage as not legally valid. Once the annulment happens, it’s as if the marriage or partnership never occurred. We can assess your situation and let you know the next steps are in seeking annulment.

If you or someone you love needs an annulment as soon as possible, we suggest calling today. A member of our legal team at May Law, LLP is ready to help. 


Civil Annulment and Religious Annulment


The two types of marriage annulments include religious and civil annulments. The court issue annulments on a civil level. If you had a religious marriage ceremony, then you must consult with the clergymen of that religion about the requirements of obtaining an annulment. As your divorce lawyer Arlington VA spouses trust may talk with you about during a consultation, here are examples of reasons a judge may approve an annulment request:


  • The couple is blood related.
  • One spouse was already married prior to entering a second one.
  • The individual requesting an annulment had not been of 18 years or older when the marriage happened.
  • One of the spouses was fraudulent in getting the other’s consent to marriage. To have grounds for fraud, it must be shown that the fraud was regarding something that affected the relationship directly, which influenced the other to agree to the marriage or partnership. 
  • One of the spouses has a physical incapacity that is incurable (such as male impotence) and prevents the spouses from engaging sexually.
  • One or both spouses is deemed of “unsound mind”, in which a medical condition hinders him or her from appreciating and understanding the nature of their marriage. 
  • Either person consented to the marriage or partnership as a result of force.

 Annulment Burden of Proof


When requesting an annulment, the person has to show the judge that one or more of the reasons described above existed at the moment of marriage. Because there are only a specific set of reasons that qualify for an annulment, we suggest contacting a member of our legal team promptly. We can discuss your personal circumstances and then advise on how to proceed from here. You can rest assured knowing we have your best of interest in mind at all times, and can guide you each step of the way. 


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Trying to get out of a marriage or domestic partnership through an annulment can be more tricky than it sounds. We suggest hiring a law firm that is experienced in handling cases like these. If you are in need of legal assistance for an annulment, the time to act is now. Call a VA annulment lawyer in Arlington from May Law, LLP today for support.

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