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Divorce Lawyer Arlington VA

Divorce Lawyer Arlington VA

For those going through the legal separation of a partner, may want to consider seeking the representation of a divorce lawyer Arlington VA locals recommend from May Law. We have been protecting the lives of people since starting our law firm business in 1995. Since then, we have helped clients find peace and acceptance in thousands of instances. We understand that divorce is a painful process, but we will do what we can to alleviate the stress you’re feeling. A skilled Arlington divorce lawyer can make all the difference.

The steps to obtain a divorce will depend on the circumstances of the marriage. If the partners have been married for a short period of time and do not have children or shared debts or property, then it may be simpler. By comparison, if the couple has been married for many years and has children and shared assets, it can be a more complicated process.

A divorce lawyer in Arlington VA from May Law can assist you in every step, whether you have been together for a shorter or longer term. In addition, there are many variables that need to be considered, regardless of the individual circumstances:

Common Steps in a Divorce Case

1. Filing a Petition – even if both spouses agree that a divorce is the right course of action, one must take the lead on filing an official divorce petition with the court. A divorce lawyer Arlington VA residents turn to from May Law can file the petition on your behalf.

2. Temporary Orders – if a spouse is dependent on the other for support of finances or will have child custody, then they should ask the court to establish temporary orders for this support and custody.

3. Service of Process – the person who files for a divorce must provide paperwork (service of process) that shows proof a copy of the divorce petition was sent to their spouse. As a divorce lawyer Arlington VA community members trust, your May Law legal representative can handle this on your behalf.

4. Response – the spouse who received the service of process must respond to the petition. At this time the grounds for divorce may be disputed.

5. Negotiation – if issues are not agreed upon, spouses will attempt to negotiate and work through their differences. If a resolution is not possible, mediation and an evaluation of parents (if there are children) may be ordered by the court to be performed by a social worker.

6. Trial – issues that have not been resolved will be decided at a court trial. If you need a divorce lawyer Arlington VA families rely on to represent you in court, May Law can provide you with quality legal representation.

7. Order of Dissolution – this officially ends the marriage and lists how property, debts, support and child custody will be divided between both parties.

Sometimes, if a spouse feels blindsided by being served divorce papers, they may try to prolong the process as much as possible. By having a divorce attorney from May Law on your side, we can help expedite the process if your spouse intentionally lags or causes problems.

Do not hesitate to call us at (703) 312-0410 to speak with a divorce attorney at May Law. We can offer compassionate and professional legal advice and a thorough evaluation of your divorce case. Your initial consultation is completely free, so reach out to us today to speak with a skilled divorce lawyer Arlington VA offers.

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