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Family Law

Top Reasons to Modify Spousal Support

Divorce Lawyer

If you’ve been ordered to pay spousal support or alimony, you typically have to pay your former spouse monthly. Since this is normally done through a court order, you may feel like you have few choices. What happens if you don’t have the money...

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When Property Gets Distributed Equitably Versus Equally

Family Law Lawyer

Talking to your spouse about getting a divorce is rarely easy, even if the two of you agree that it is the best way to proceed forward. With so much tension in the house spilling out into your work life and your child's life, it may be time...

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Seeking Child Support Modifications

Divorces can be sad and painful, especially when they involve children. When children are in the picture, child support is usually negotiated in a way that is best for them. Usually what each parent earns, what financial obligations are present and what each parent can provide all come into play whe...

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What is Collaborative Divorce?

When people imagine divorces, they often imagine contentious, stressful legal matters. They may have had friends or family involved in such a dispute and they worry that their divorce will happen the same way. There are some couples, however, who look for a less contentious way to dissolve their mar...

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How to Adjust Alimony Payments

Alimony is one of the most contentious issues a divorced couple faces. Often, one spouse resents having to give money to the other while the other spouse worries that there may be money or other assets hidden from the court. If you worry that you may be paying too much or worry that you may not be g...

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The Best Interest of the Child

When there is a dispute over the custody of a child, the court will always look at the “best interest of the child” in order to determine a custody arrangement. With such an important concept, many people want a uniform definition. Unfortunately, there is not a single definition for what is in the b...

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Supreme Court of Virginia Oral Argument

The highlight of many Viginia lawyer's careers is an argument before the Supreme Court of Virginia.  Many ask me, what is it like?  Here is the basic procedure for writ panels, which is usually the first step in an appeal to the high court.

After a Notice of Appeal ...

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Domestic Assault and Battery in Loudoun; Court Activity

We appeared in the Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations court today to defend a man charged with Domestic Assault and Battery.  Domestic Assault and Battery is the same thing as simple Assault and Battery with one difference -- the alleged victim is a family or household member. An Assa...

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Court Activity: Restraining Orders in Virginia

"Restraining Orders" in Virginia are called "Protective Orders." Many people think that one can obtain a restraining order against another simply because a person is "bothering" him or her. However, Virginia Protective Orders are not so broad. They are designed to protect someone from another who ha...

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Court Activity: Bond Motion Appeal; Traffic Court; Divorce

On January 6, three May Law attorneys appeared in the Fairfax Courts.  We had a bond motion appeal in the Fairfax Circuit Court, traffic cases in the Fairfax General District Court, and a divorce trial in the Fairfax Circuit Court. The bond motion was an appeal from the General District Court which...

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Divorce Appeal Dismissed Against Spouse’s Estate

The Virginia Court of Appeals recently dismissed an appeal by a woman seeking to challenge one of the monetary terms of her divorce after her husband died. The Court dismissed the appeal because the wife should have named the husband’s personal representative, and not his estate, as the adverse part...

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How Much Spousal Support Do I Have to Pay?

When people are considering their options in divorce cases, one question that invariably arises is whether spousal support will need to be paid and, if so, how long will it last.  This can be an acrimonious subject; after all, the idea of giving money every month to someone you may strongly dislike ...

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Are Financial Settlements in Divorce Proceedings Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

In today’s economy, litigants in divorce cases are just as likely to be fighting over shared debts as shared assets.  As a result, many divorcing parties smartly settle cases quickly, rather than driving themselves further into debt with additional attorney’s fees.  In fact, settling rather than lit...

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Does Obamacare Extend Father’s Child Support Obligation?

Both lawyers and laypersons have heard of the “law of unintended consequences.” This is when policymakers craft new laws to address one set of problems, only to create a new set of problems with the laws they have just passed. Much has been written in recent years about the unintended consequences ...

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Always Read the Fine Print

Scanning the tabloids at the local supermarket, it is obvious that divorce cases can involve big bucks.  That’s why the rich and famous often employ skilled attorneys regarding business transactions, contract negotiations, and, when necessary, family law matters. To be sure, the run of the mill d...

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