Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair loss is quite common and mostly due to genetics. If you have started to lose your hair and feel self-conscious about it, you may be a good candidate for a hair transplant. The procedure involves moving hair to a bald area of your head and can improve your physical appearance and self-confidence. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid after getting a hair transplant..

Dying Your Hair

If you want to dye your hair, you’ll need to dye it before your hair restoration treatment. Dying your hair too soon after your treatment can negatively affect your results. The transplanted follicles will be very fragile initially, and the harsh chemicals in hair dye can damage them.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Many people sleep on their stomachs. However, you should avoid doing this right after your hair transplant. Doing so can rub your new hairline against the pillow, which can harm your final results. If you do not think you will be able to avoid tossing and turning on your stomach at night, consider sleeping on a recliner.

Getting Too Much Sun Exposure

If you just got a hair transplant, now is not the time to soak up the sun. You will have to avoid direct sun exposure for at least two weeks after your procedure. Your skin will be extremely sensitive after a hair transplant, and too much sun exposure can cause serious harm. If you must go out in the sun, do not forget to wear a hat.

Not Eating a Healthy Diet

During your recovery from a hair transplant, you will want to avoid fast food and other junk foods. These foods are very fattening and do not contain the nutrients you require for proper healing. It is important to eat a nutritious diet to promote healthy blood flow and improve your results. Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats.

Neglecting to Drink Water

It is always a smart idea to drink plenty of water, but it becomes especially important after a hair transplant. Staying hydrated may reduce any discomfort you have and help you recover faster. Try adding a lemon or lime to your water for extra flavor.

If you are interested in getting a hair transplant, contact a hair transplant specialist, like Dr. Robin Unger, to talk about goals.

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