Driving on a Suspended License: Is Lack of Notice of a Suspension a Defense?

One cannot be convicted of Driving on a Suspended License or Driving Without a Valid license if he didn’t know his license was suspended.  The controlling cases are Bibb v. Commonwealth,  212 Va. 249, 249-50 (1971) (for Driving on Suspended cases) and Carew v. Commonwealth, 62 Va. App. 574 (2013) (for No Valid Operator’s License […]

Can an employee sue for damages if an employer pays wages late?

Yes, according to a recent Court of Federal Claims decision that expands Federal wage and hour law to include a timeliness-of-pay requirement.  The case involves a class action by federal employees forced to work during the shutdown (such as prison wardens and border patrol officers) who were not paid until the shutdown was over.  Prior […]

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