Criminal Law and Fraud Charges

How to Deal with Criminal Law and Fraud Charges

Fraud charges can come about in several ways. Unfortunately, there are several victims of fraud which ultimately means there are several offenders. It is very likely that we have all been victims of fraud in some capacity. Fraud can arise from someone forging a signature on a check or on documentation. Fraud can occur by falsifying documents or paperwork. Fraud can occur by writing a name on the check. The burden that being a victim of fraud places on an individual is almost identical to the burden that in an offender will suffer should they be charged.

In most cases, to avoid fraud many establishments require that there is proof of identification to serve an individual. Proof of identification may be a driver’s license, a passport, transactional documents, or any financial documents that prove this individual is the correct individual. Unfortunately, even these documents and proof of identity can be forged by someone else. This can create a lot of issues for the victim and sometimes takes a while to resolve, this is why the consequences can be just as harsh for an individual being charged with fraud or forgery.

Being charged with fraud or forgery is a very serious offense. Depending on where the offense took place and in what capacity will determine the punishment. Regardless, being charged with fraud should be taken very seriously. You should get a better understanding of these laws in your area to figure out what your worst-case scenario could be. Punishments can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, and even incur fines and probation. Fortunately, most criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations and can assist you in your search of getting a better understanding should you or someone you know to be charged with fraud. 

Being charged with fraud can prevent you in the future and carry a very permanent stigma. Employers may not want to hire you, and many people may not want to associate themselves with you any longer. Should you or someone you know to be charged with fraud or forgery contact a Decatur criminal lawyer as soon as possible to see what your legal options are. The right attorney will investigate your case and use proper evidence and details to build the defense necessary to assist you with the outcome of your case. No matter how bad the charge is there is always a defense that can be built for you or your loved one.

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