Narcissism in the Divorce Process

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When divorcing a narcissist, does the fact they were narcissist affect the divorce process?

Sadly everyone has had to deal with a narcissistic and self-absorbed person. It isn’t fun dealing with a narcissist, and it certainly is not fun being married to a narcissist and dealing with them on a daily basis. One of the hardest things to do is divorce a narcissist. There’s a good chance that due to your spouse’s excessive self admiration, you have chosen to search for a divorce, this has probably been coupled with many other thanks. Perhaps the sense of entitlement is the reason that one of you is seeking to end the marriage, in either scenario you are confronted with a person who is self-centered on their thoughts, their feelings and their emotions.

Narcissism is very unwelcome, but it does not have to do all your divorce. With patience and guidance from a divorce lawyer, it is possible for divorces that feature a narcissistic spouse to have a positive proceeding. It is always wise to have experienced legal representation if you need to go to court to resolve divorce related issues, and some insight on the process may help you understand the obstacles you might encounter when dealing with the narcissistic personality.

So before you go any further let’s talk about narcissistic traits that can derail the divorce process. Researchers have obviously done a lot of research and identification into characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder. And obviously a person can demonstrate these traits without being diagnosed, and there are going to be a few of these traits that impact divorce proceedings in particular. So if you believe that your spouse exhibits narcissistic traits, or is diagnosed as a narcissist, you should speak to your divorce lawyer such as the ones available at Winfrey Law firm, PLLC so that you can ensure they understand what they are dealing with and what they are getting into.

Typically a narcissist feels superior to others and they expect special treatment because they feel superior. In their minds if they are superior then obviously they mean more than everyone else around them and therefore will receive special treatment. And somebody who has narcissistic personality disorder or traits of narcissism may be motivated by fantasies that have no basis in reality. This means that they may be self-assured that they are massively successful, intelligent, powerful and attractive even if they are not. Narcissistic individuals crave attention and they thrive on admiration. A narcissistic person is going to exhibit limitations or outright refuse to take into account the feelings and emotional needs and experiences of those around them; it doesn’t even matter if this person is family. The narcissist’s desire for attention, praise and devotion are not met, then the narcissist will begin to feel unhappy, depressed and bored.

But you might be wondering what all of these traits have to do with getting a divorce from a narcissist. Narcissists are only to focus on what they need, their interests, they will approach divorce as a win or lose scenario. 

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