What Should I Do to Report Sex Discrimination? 

Sex Discrimination Lawyer

Sex Discrimination LawyerEveryone deserves to feel safe, comfortable and respected in the workplace. When instances of sex discrimination occur, you have the right to take action so that the can be reported and. As a sex discrimination lawyer can further explain, like one at Barry P. Goldberg, too many incidents of sex discrimination go unreported because victims fear that nothing can be done about it or they feel like there is no one to turn to. Below are steps that you should take if you have experienced sex discrimination while at work.

Make a formal report to your employer

Go to your HR department and discuss what happened. Look to your employer’s policies on sex discrimination and the action steps you should be making. This can be hard to do, as you probably don’t want anyone else in the company to know about what you experienced. However, it is important that you file a complaint shortly after the incident, otherwise if you delay action it can be used against you. 

Write down what happened

You might not be ready to talk about the incident, and that is okay. As soon as you are able to shortly after the incident, you should write down how the instance occurred. What was the nature of the conversation, and what was directly said to you? It’s important that you write down the basic facts while your memory is fresh so that you do not confuse details or forget them later on.  

Gather evidence

Keep all records of communication with your boss that you can use as proof to support your claim. This includes text messages, emails, phone calls and other records that you may have. If your schedule or hours have been affected, make a note of that as well and record when the change occurred. Bring your documents to a lawyer so that they can evaluate your case. 

Consult with a lawyer 

Talk to a lawyer to understand your legal rights and see if you have a valid case. Sex discrimination cases can be incredibly complex. You may be fearful of losing your job or that you may suffer retaliation later on. These are all valid concerns, and a lawyer will be there to guide you and support you as you navigate the scenario. They will inform you of what to do and how to best protect yourself. 

Sex discrimination should never be tolerated in the workplace, as a lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg knows. Learn more information about your legal rights by speaking with a qualified sex discrimination lawyer now. 

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