Fairfax DUI Procedure

Posted on February 7, 2016
What is Fairfax DUI procedure?  This week, we appeared in court to defend a client charged with DUI in the Fairfax General District Court.  Fairfax is an unusual court in Virginia, due to the size of the county, and its procedures are unique. In Fairfax, DUI cases involve two court appearances — the first is to obtain “discovery” — the police report and, usually, video of the arrest.  If the case can be resolved on
This week we appeared in court to help a client charged with a probation violation in the Prince William Circuit Court.  Approximately five years ago, with a different law firm, he had been convicted of Robbery.  He served a few years in prison and was released on probation. While on probation, it is alleged that he violated the terms of his probation by getting convicted of Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Paraphernalia.  Both are
This week, we had a client in the Fairfax Court charged with felony DUI.  Many people ask us, “what is felony DUI in Virginia?”  “DUI” and “DWI” are the same thing in Virginia.  They are shorthand for the crime of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Felony DUI is charged when one is under the influence when one is also involved in a collision wherein another dies.  It is
No one is above the law — even police officers.  When police are charged with a crime, what lawyers in Virginia do they use? The current news contains examples of police officers charged with crimes based on conduct while on the job, such as unlawful shootings. However, police officers are like the rest of us.  They can have errors of judgment, out of control emotions — or be subject to misunderstandings where they are accused
“Restraining Orders” in Virginia are called “Protective Orders.” Many people think that one can obtain a restraining order against another simply because a person is “bothering” him or her. However, Virginia Protective Orders are not so broad. They are designed to protect someone from another who has made a threat of force or violence. Once issued and served, if the target makes a future contact with the complaining witness, it is a crime. Today, May

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