Child Support: Family Comes First

Making sure that you have reasonable financial support in order to properly care for your child after divorce or separation, is of the utmost priority for many parents. If you are filing for support from your former spouse, we highly recommend seeking a child support attorney for a case evaluation such as the . We can talk with you more about your specific needs and how we may be of assistance during the child support case process.  

Child Support attorneys work tirelessly to award you the maximum child support possible, in order to allow you to take the best care of your child or children.

A judge can determine whether to grant you child support and exactly how much is due from your spouse on a recurring basis. The factors that may be involved in the judge’s decision may include the following:

1) Annual Income of Parents – a formula may be used to determine the financial obligation of the non-custodial parent. In this scenario, income is defined as a combination of the parent’s salary, pension, trust/estate and social security payments.

2) Yearly Expenses – the yearly expenses of each parent can play a role when calculating child support. Sometimes, the non-custodial parent may try to spend more money in order to prevent from having to pay more in child support. An attorney can help determine if this may be the case for you.

3) Needs of Children – a primary factor is how much will provide cost of basic needs and a comfort of living for your children.

4) Ages of Children – depending on their age, children will have different needs. The amount of child support may fluctuate depending on their stage of life and growth.

5) Education & Interests – a child may have education opportunities or interests (such as music, sports, dance) that require fees or cost for special clothing.

6) Health Insurance – a large factor is the cost of health insurance for the child, and which parent is able to provide coverage. A judge may determine how much each parent will have to contribute to the costs of medical care.

Children can become silent victims to their parent’s separation. By hiring a child support attorney such as the child custody lawyer Bloomington IL locals turn to, they can fight for a financial amount that will support your child, plus some. We believe family is the biggest priority. We want to see you and your children happy and healthy, due to sufficient support from your previous partner. If things change and you need more help, we can offer counsel on how you can go about submitting this request for an increase in support amount.

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