What Are Common Misdemeanor Cases?

Misdemeanor Lawyer

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, it is imperative that you talk to a skilled lawyer right away. This type of charge is never something to take lightly so you need a strong lawyer that can prepare a defense for you. You could face serious consequences if you are convicted of a misdemeanor. Allow a lawyer to evaluate your case, advise you on your legal rights, and counsel you to every step of the way. With a lawyer there to defend you, you can receive legal counsel for a variety of case scenarios.

Drunk Driving 

As an experienced misdemeanor lawyer can tell you, many drunk driving cases make up a significant portion of misdemeanor charges. Too many drivers operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol. A lawyer can assist you if you are facing a DUI charge. As a misdemeanor lawyer like one at May Law, LLP can tell you, they will look for weaknesses in your charge. For example, if the police fail to conduct the sobriety test properly or if they tampered with evidence a lawyer can argue for your charge to be dropped.

Petty Theft

A common type of misdemeanor is petty theft. People still for many reasons, such as economic hardship or trying to provide for a loved one. However, any kind of theft is still a serious criminal charge. A lawyer can defend you if you are accused of theft. They will see if there are any flaws in your charge to have your charge reduced or even dropped.  If the item is not valued at a high cost or if you are a first-time offender, you may just have to pay minor consequences, such as a simple fine. 


Assault can be classified as a misdemeanor. You can be charged with assault if you deliberately strike a person with the intent to harm them. Even an attempted strike can be enough for you to be charged with assault. However, a number of scenarios can result in a charge occurring. You may have been caught in a bar fight or were attacked first and struck back in self-defense. A lawyer will consider your scenario carefully and build a persuasive defense for you so that you do not suffer the worst consequences. 

Reckless Driving

A reckless driving can result in a misdemeanor charge for many different reasons. You could be charged with this if you are driving in a way that endangers yourself or others around you. Getting convicted of reckless driving can impact your life in major ways, such as losing your driver’s license, having to pay costly fines, and even receiving prison time. If you have been charged with reckless driving, hire a lawyer so that they can build a defense for you. 

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, know that there is legal help that you can rely on if you want to avoid serious consequences. Any kind of misdemeanor charge must be resolved right away. For more information about what kind of legal services you can receive, schedule a consultation with a lawyer now. 

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