Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer 

Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process can be highly complex to go through, especially if you’re not sure how to move forward. Having a lawyer who specifically specializes in divorce cases and family law areas can be beneficial if you are not sure what your rights are. They can help you make the most informed decision for you and your family keeping your costs to a minimum. It is likely that your spouse will also have a lawyer to system with a divorce proceeding so it is best that you are just as prepared. To prepare for your consultation, there are some questions that you should ask a divorce lawyer.

What are the costs?

As a divorce lawyer like one from May Law, LLP can explain, the typical cost of divorce can range from thousands to even more than tens of thousands of dollars. How much you will pay for a divorce depends on a number of factors such as your income, the type of assets you have and whether or not you have children. You should ask up front what fees and other costs you’re expected to pay to the lawyer. 

What is your legal experience?

A strong lawyer should have a range of experience handling several types of family law cases. You should hire a lawyer who has achieved positive results for clients who are going through your particular situation. For example, if you are going through a divorce with multiple children and your spouse is contesting custody, have a lawyer who has taken on similar cases. Ask the divorce lawyer what kind of experience they have had. They should be able to explain the type of strategies that they have utilized and what is recommended for your situation in order to achieve the best outcome.

What alternatives are there to court? 

Going to court is not your only option for settling a divorce. A divorce can be finalized through a number of ways, such as arbitration and mediation. These are popular options for many people going through divorce because they are much less costly and they allow the parties to retain their privacy. With mediation and arbitration, a third party will help you and your spouse come to mutual resolution. Unlike traditional divorce that is settled in court, the outcome is not put on the public record if you choose mediation or arbitration. If you do not want to avoid courtroom drama or have your sensitive information released to the public then you may want to consider these other options. 

What should my next steps be? 

A strong divorce lawyer will review your particular case and they will explain to you what they think your next steps should be. They will explain your options and you can decide which one you will want to choose. A skilled and effective lawyer will be able to clearly explain the reasoning for what your legal options are and how they best serve your interest. More information about how you can benefit from meeting with a divorce lawyer, request a confidential meeting with a lawyer right away to receive legal help. 

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